Wyatt lights candles and puts champagne on ice in the beach house. Hope arrives. He tells her he can go unplugged or do a romantic evening at home. They kiss. Wyatt apologizes for the heist fiasco and vows to never keep anything from her again. Hope says she saw Liam earlier and told him they were in a relationship. Hope tells Wyatt she's there because it feels good. "You make me really happy." She warns, however, that she can't be with a man who scams, no matter how sexy he is. Wyatt asks, "You think I'm sexy?" Hope does. They kiss. They discuss Quinn. Wyatt says he told her not to interfere anymore. "No more manipulating, and no more tricks." They joke about the questionable gene pool he comes from. Wyatt says he never wants to hurt her again. They kiss.

Quinn welcomes Ally into an office at Forrester. Ally asks why she wanted to see her. Quinn says Liam needs her. They talk about Ally working with Hope as her mentor. Quinn loves that she wants to have her own shoe line one day. She offers to put in a good word with Eric. Ally is appreciative. She asks why Liam needs her. Quinn says Hope is with Wyatt now and Liam needs a friend to support him. She tells Ally she knows she's nuts about him. Quinn says she should be there when Liam is ready to move on. Ally thinks Quinn is all about getting what Wyatt wants. Quinn flatters Ally into believing Liam could be interested in her. She says she just needs a bit of enhancing. Quinn makes a call and learns Liam's at Bikini. She takes Ally to hair and make-up...

Oliver is chatting with a friend at Bikini Bar. Liam arrives and complains about Hope buying Wyatt's lines. Oliver asks Liam if he's ready to move on. Liam says, "Hope is the only woman alive." He rants about the Fullers and gives a rundown of their transgressions. Oliver warns they won't make it easy for him to ruin this good thing they've got going. Liam grumbles about Wyatt knowing how to work Hope. Oliver says he's presenting a different version of himself to her than he does to Liam. Oliver doesn't think Liam can stop him and suggests he let things take their natural course. Liam believes they're dangerous and says he won't shut up until Hope listens. Oliver warns him not to let Wyatt see him coming. He leaves. Liam is about to leave when Ally appears with her new look. Liam invites her to eat with him and tells her she's already making him feel better.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Katie discuss their situation.

Passion increases between two young people.

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