At home, Katie thinks about being with Ridge in the park and smiles. Donna enters and asks, "Where were you just now?" Katie says today was like a break in the weather. She tells Donna she sneaked away from work and she wasn't alone. Donna says there's nothing wrong with feeling good, unless she's back with Bill. Katie says no. Donna wants her to admit there's a guy. "You can't hide anything from your family." Katie looks concerned. Donna is convinced there's a man and just hopes he has better morals than Bill. She offers her babysitting services - even overnight - if Katie needs them. Later, Katie thinks about Ridge more.

At Forrester, Quinn tells Pam, "I thought you were my friend." Pam rants at her about trying to buy her loyalty as Wyatt appears. Quinn asks, "What happened." Pam tells Wyatt what he did was wrong and Hope and Liam deserved to know the truth. Once alone, Quinn asks Wyatt what Hope said. Wyatt says she gave him one more chance - this could have been the end. Quinn worries about Liam trying to get her back. Wyatt says he almost did because of them. He tells Quinn they have to be model citizens from now on - no more trying to fix things. Quinn asks if he's on probation. Wyatt says Hope wants to make this work. Quinn talks about Wyatt being more loyal to Hope than Liam. Wyatt says the trip was a big step forward until Liam showed up. He's not taking anything for granted now. Quinn worries about Liam interfering. Wyatt says his focus is on Hope. Later, Quinn phones someone. "I have a job for you. His name is Liam Spencer."

At Liam's house, he tells Hope that Wyatt and Quinn fooled everybody, but at least it's over now. He asks why she's still wearing Wyatt's necklace and is stunned to hear that she forgave him. Liam thinks Wyatt either doesn't respect her or doesn't understand her. Hope extracts a promise that Liam won't tell anyone about the heist and ruin Forrester's image and then informs him she and Wyatt aren't breaking up. Liam needs to know why she can't walk away and is stunned to find out Wyatt didn't even get fired. Hope tells Liam she's sorry, but she thought it was the right thing to tell him in person. Liam tells Hope she can't trust Wyatt. She thinks she can - they're in a relationship, which means you try to work things out. Liam is frustrated that he can't get through to her. Hope says she feels committed to Wyatt. She thanks Liam for looking out for her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Quinn comes up with a plan to distract Liam's attention.

Liam goes out to dinner with Ally.

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