Liam finds Caroline at his house. She admits she comes there when she needs a break from work. They talk about Wyatt's lying. Liam doesn't think Hope wants to live life that way. Caroline warns that Hope must be fed up with both of them. She thinks Hope will forgive Wyatt because he adores her and no one else. They debate about it, and discuss whether Forrester will keep Wyatt and Quinn on.

At Forrester, Rick and Hope discuss Wyatt's role in the heist. Hope points out that the jewel thieves are still criminals. They agree that it would sink their reputation for the truth to come out in the press. Hope mentions Wyatt and Quinn's contract. Rick rants about the terrible things that could have happened. Hope defends Wyatt, but admits she doesn't know why. Wyatt appears. Rick tells him he's disgusted. Wyatt brings up the publicity, but Rick says he had no right to put them in a risky position. Wyatt admits he didn't stop to think it through. Rick decides his contract will be terminated. Wyatt asks if it's what Hope wants. Rick says Hope can make the final decision. In the other office, Bill gets Brooke's take on the photos of Ridge and the man in Paris. He thinks Ridge told her he wasn't seeing any women in Paris because he was seeing the man. Brooke scoffs, but Bill insists the photos tell all. He shows her more shots. Brooke recognizes the man as Ridge's protege. She says if Ridge was interested in men that way she would know. Bill points out that he's not there with her. Brooke says Ridge needs time. Bill muses that Ridge didn't close the deal with her...he would have. "So if he's not gay, what's the story?"

At Katie's house, she and Ridge laugh and play with Will and R.J. He talks about his friend in Paris, who helped him out with R.J. and took him to see places he didn't know existed. In a quiet moment, R.J. tells Ridge he misses him. Ridge says they'll have to talk to Brooke about him living with him. He encourages R.J. to always be honest about how he feels. Katie reappears, ready to take Will to the park. Ridge asks if they can join them. Katie says it sounds great.

Katie and Ridge arrive at the park with the kids, put down a blanket, and exchange a look.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope decides the fate of Wyatt's contract.

Pam and Quinn face off.

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