At the Malibu house, Justin muses to Bill that now they know what Ridge was up to in Paris. Bill wonders what Brooke will make of it. Justin warns that Brooke will be shocked and her relationship with Ridge will never be the same. Bill replies, "With any luck!" Bill says it was stupid of Ridge to think he wouldn't find out. He leaves with an envelope of photos.

At the outdoor cafe, Brooke assures Ridge that Bill isn't an issue anymore. Nearby, Caroline snaps photos while Katie remains distracted by Ridge, who smiles at her. Ridge pulls his eyes back to Brooke when she starts purring about them going to Big Bear to touch and feel. When Brooke steps away, Katie goes over to say hello to Ridge. The chef comes out and thinks they're together. Ridge assures Katie he and Brooke are just having lunch. Katie suggests he make up with Brooke. Brooke returns and Katie rejoins Caroline. Brooke tries a new tactic with Ridge - a vacation with R.J. She goes one step further and invites him to move in. At the other table, Caroline observes that Ridge doesn't seem as engaged by Brooke anymore. Katie says they go through phases. They leave. Katie stops to look back at Ridge, who has just told Brooke he isn't ready to live together and doesn't want to give R.J. false hope.

Outside the trailer in Emerald Bay, Wyatt says he did what he did for her line. Hope says he promised no more secrets - he lied. She scoffs, "A fake robbery, who does that?" Wyatt says his mother wasn't a great moral example growing up. He says it was second nature to stage the heist, but feeling remorse about it is new. He tells Hope she's changed him for the better and asks her forgiveness. Hope thinks it was calculated. She can't fathom how this happened. He says he liked her being proud of him. Hope says she needed honesty. She returns his necklace and laments that her life decisions have been based on a lie. Liam appears and suggests she come home with him. Wyatt tells him to go to Paris, and Liam calls him a sleaze. They bicker heatedly. Wyatt informs Liam that he's the ex - he and Hope are together now and will work through this. As Liam starts ranting about Wyatt and his mother, who trapped him in an elevator, Hope hops into the vehicle and drives off.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Bill that it's going to take time for Ridge to come around. Bill says there's a reason they're not back together and it's nothing to do with them. Bill tells her what Ridge has been up to will blow her away. He produces various photos of Ridge getting close with a man in Paris.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt ends up desperate to gain Hope's forgiveness.

Eric and Rick are worried after hearing the truth about the heist.

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