On the road trip, Wyatt waxes a surfboard before asking Hope if she wants to take anything back. She says she wants more of everything. They discuss Wyatt's character. Hope admits she had doubts because of the way he treated Liam. Wyatt says he was so jealous he couldn't see straight. She laughs and says he's redeemed himself. Wyatt tells her how much he loves her. Later, he makes them green drinks because they're at Emerald Bay. They kiss.

At Forrester, Pam tells Charlie how Quinn took her out to lunch and pretended to be her new best friend. She says Quinn bet on the wrong pony this time. They decide to go find Liam. In an office, one of the models says Ridge is a genius as Rick looks on dubiously. Caroline adjusts a dress according to Ridge's guidance, but Rick steps in to say he doesn't want Ridge's input. Caroline says she's taking Ridge's note. After, Carter comments on the models admiring Ridge. Rick says Ridge doesn't notice he's all about Brooke. Carter excuses himself. Rick confronts Ridge about Brooke - he needs to know where he stands. Ridge admits he rejected her proposal - he's having a hard time dealing with what she did to Katie. Rick says he's always forgiven her before. "Is there someone else?" Ridge isn't ready to commit to anyone. Later, Ridge leafs through his poetry book.

Liam thinks about Hope at Spencer and sighs. Pam and Charlie arrive as he's trying unsuccessfully to reach Hope. Pam tells Liam to go easy on Charlie, who nervously explains that Liam was right - Wyatt stole the diamond. Charlie tells Liam how Quinn manipulated him to keep quiet. Liam watches the footage on Charlie's phone. Pam shares the story of Quinn taking her out to lunch to keep Charlie from talking. Liam's just glad to have proof. "I have to get it to Hope." He phones Caroline and finds out Wyatt mentioned heading south for a surfing safari. Liam gets online and deduces where they might be - Emerald Bay.

At Katie's house, Brooke thanks her for her urging Ridge to marry her - she appreciates the support. Katie says Brooke needs to be patient - not exactly her strong suit. She reiterates that there won't be a reunion for her and Bill. Brooke worries about why Ridge didn't accept her proposal. She wonders if he's involved with somebody else. Katie thinks she's manufacturing obstacles and should just give him time. Brooke asks about Katie. She says she's actually doing quite well. Brooke notices Katie's reading poetry again. Katie thinks of Ridge.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill looks to have Justin get dirt on Ridge and finds out something about his time overseas.

Charlie and Pam help Liam find Hope to tell her about Wyatt's secret.

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