At Katie's house, Brooke gives Ridge the ring and asks him to say he'll marry her and make them a family again - it can be the way they always imagined. Ridge gives her back the ring. He won't say it will never happen, but he has to be sure. He can't get past how she acted toward her sister. Brooke says she made a huge mistake, but he needs to try to get past it. She implores Ridge to think about RJ. Brooke turns to Katie and apologizes, before turning back to Ridge and proposing again. Katie prompts Ridge to say yes - it's why he came back. Katie says it won't happen with her and Bill, but at least there will be one happy ending. Ridge gives Brooke the ring back again and says, "No." Brooke says she'll wait, and leaves. After, Katie asks Ridge why he did that.

In the tent on the beach, Wyatt and Hope kiss and cuddle in bed and then by the dying fire. They return to the trailer where Hope thanks Wyatt for this time. She admits she was nervous because she doesn't have much experience...camping...but he made her feel safe and loved. Wyatt teases that he's just easing her in - a year from now they'll be sleeping on the ground. She says, "As long as you're with me." They kiss.

At Forrester, Pam asks Quinn, "What did Wyatt do?" Quinn says it sounds bad at first, but was actually like something out of a romance novel. Charlie scoffs. Quinn says it's the kind of story Hope and Wyatt might tell their grandchildren. Charlie says it's the kind of story he might tell the police - everybody needs to know the truth. Quinn argues that it was an innocent prank. She points out that Pam's pulled a few pranks over the years, and Charlie came out looking like a hero. She wants Pam to help convince Charlie to keep the secret. Pam says she understands a person needing a second chance. She tells Charlie that sometimes what's right and wrong isn't all that clear. Charlie agrees to keep quiet - for Pam. Quinn hugs Pam. Once alone, Pam tells Charlie, "We are telling Liam!"

At the boutique, Caroline tells Rick there's been no updates about the road trip. Rick says they're unplugged. Caroline doesn't see the point of an adventure if you can't post photos. Talk turns to Brooke. Rick says she's proposing to Ridge. Rick says it's hard to watch her struggle to make a life with him - maybe after all these years she should just give up.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Pam goes against her promise to Quinn.

Ridge gets grilled by Rick about his intentions toward Brooke.

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