On the beach, Hope tells Wyatt she's so glad she said yes to the trip. He tells her the adventure's just beginning. They kiss. They cuddle and talk about the trip having no agenda. They walk the beach, see dolphins, and Wyatt asks if she feels disconnected. She says it's the opposite. "Everything I need is right here." When night falls, they kiss and dance on the beach and sit by the bonfire and kiss. After, they move into the tent, begin to undress, and kiss passionately.

At the outdoor cafe, Pam tells Quinn if there's something she wants to get off her chest, she's a good listener. Quinn talks about being a single parent and Wyatt becoming her reason for being. She admits it hasn't always been easy for Wyatt having her as a mother. She says she felt reluctant about Hope at first until she saw what she could bring to Wyatt's life. Quinn asks Pam to go some other places with her. Quinn proposes a toast to friendship and always having each other's backs. Pam gets a funny look but toasts. An afternoon of shopping and pedicures follows.

At Forrester, Rick and Brooke discuss Hope going with Wyatt. "She's trying something different." Rick thinks Wyatt wouldn't mess with her feelings and seems very protective. They discuss Ridge's return. Brooke says he came back for her. She adds that he asked for more time, but she can't wait any longer. Later, Pam and Quinn return. Charlie is furious about Pam having spent time with Quinn. Charlie is clearly going to tell Pam what Wyatt did, so Quinn asks Pam to hear her out first.

Ridge stops at Katie's house to drop off her cellphone. She say she's taking a mental health day and has been reading sonnets since they talked. "It's not the effect you usually have on women, is it?" Ridge thinks she has to take care of herself and offers to help. She says he already has, and asks if he has talked to Brooke. Ridge says anything he has to say can wait. Ridge takes a call from Brooke, who wants to see him. He says it's not a good time, he's with Katie. He agrees to meet her later. Katie tells Ridge to go to Brooke now. Katie tells Ridge she understands why her sister's always loved him. Brooke enters. She couldn't wait to see Ridge and thinks it's best Katie hear this. She tells Ridge it's time for his walls to come down. She has the ring he gave her in the olive grove and asks him to put it back on her finger so they can move forward to marriage.

Spoilers for Next Week of The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie decides to play matchmaker for a wronged couple.

A couple makes love for the first time.

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