In Aspen, Brooke screams as Bill plummets down the side of the mountain. His rope catches in a crevice and stops him. He hits the rock face and tries to find a grip. Brooke shouts, "Hold on!" Othello tells Bill that the gear is no good - he needs to climb to the top. Brooke cries as Bill struggles to get a grip. Thoughts of Will flash through his mind and suddenly he finds renewed determination. He makes it to the top. Later, Brooke throws her arms around Bill. He looks freaked out. He says he lost focus. He tells Brooke he loves her. They kiss.

At Forrester Creations boutique, Quinn hisses at Wyatt about staging a fake heist. He says he didn't count on the real thieves, but it all turned out well. He raves about the publicity. She wonders if he'll tell Hope what he did. Hope appears. Pam barrels in growling, "Nobody move, this is a stick up!" She's followed by Rick, Caroline, and an apologetic Eric. He asks if Wyatt's okay. Wyatt says the robbers are in jail and everything that happened is win/win for everybody. Eric is glad everyone's alright and pops some champagne. Pam sidles up to Charlie with some lemon bars. Rick and Caroline note the flirtation. Eric asks about the diamond being missing before the bad guys appeared, but it's brushed off. Oliver is there taking pictures and they all toast the publicity. Wyatt gives Hope a peck. Charlie decides he'll handle the swarming press, who all want to talk to Wyatt. Thea Andrews and Jarrett are allowed in. Wyatt and Hope stress that the diamond will still be on display despite what happened. Charlie is reliving the experience for the press but stops - this is really about Wyatt. Eric and Wyatt thank each other for a variety of things. Wyatt turns the spotlight on Hope.

At Spencer Publications, Liam and Katie have a frank conversation about how he wants Bill back in charge. She makes some sarcastic comments about what Bill and Brooke might be doing in Aspen. They debate about free-climbing. She hopes Bill came to his senses. Liam checks the news on his tablet and groans to Katie about Wyatt the hero. He is certain he'll use it to his advantage with Hope. "I'm not going to allow it," he tells Katie.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Carter needs a favor from Rick.

Bill has an announcement to make.

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