In Brooke's bedroom, Katie complains that Bill had her followed. Brooke says he was concerned. Katie smirks that when she does it, it's surveillance, when he does it, it's concern. Bill checks in before going downstairs with Will. Liam arrives. Bill expresses unhappiness about Will having rooms in two houses. Liam says Hope's in Mexico with Wyatt. When Bill acts sympathetic, Liam says he's acting weird. "You're happier." Bill credits Brooke for loving him for who he is, noting that Hope only loves Liam when he's good. Upstairs, Katie asks Brooke how long she expects this situation to continue. Brooke plays dumb. Katie asks if she's offered her husband a permanent place in her home and her bed. Brooke says Katie ordered them to be together. Katie reminds her she was sick. She compares Brooke to a thief that is sorry they're caught, but won't return the goods. Brooke gasps, "You want him back!" She clucks that she should have seen this coming. Katie says she could have him back if she wanted him, and if she wanted advice, she'd be her last stop. Katie came there to talk about their sisterly relationship - if there's anything left, what is Brooke willing to do about it? Brooke says she'd do anything. Katie says not while her husband is living with her. Brooke asks what she wants. Katie realizes she's turned this into a storybook romance and calls her selfish. Katie says she'll never accept her and Bill straining for happily ever after.

Wyatt and Hope are on route to Mexico in the Forrester jet. They discuss Liam. Hope says he knows this is just business. Wyatt asks, "What about you?" Hope calls him on his lack of respect. Wyatt asks how many happy days she's had since she met him, and how many unhappy days. Once landed, they go to meet Ricardo. They discuss the diamond. Hope explains what they have in mind for it. Wyatt chimes in and also tries to sell the idea. Ricardo is interested in their proposal, but asks to meet again in the morning. Wyatt and Hope decide they can stay the night. Hope asks to see the diamond. Ricardo will come to them that evening. He says their lives will never be the same.

At Spencer, Liam meets with his lawyer about the annulment. He still needs an electronic signature from Steffy on the disclosures. Liam calls Steffy and leaves her a message including all the latest dirt.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie comes to a decision.

Hope and Wyatt learn a secret about the item they plan to borrow.

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