At the Malibu house, Wyatt asks Hope to come with him. She asks him to stay. Wyatt tells her she knows something great is going on between them. Hope say she's engaged to Liam and he's being ridiculous. Wyatt says their connection is a part of why Liam wants him gone. He kisses her and wishes her luck with Yoga Boy. Once alone, Hope flashes to Wyatt kissing her. Liam arrives. They discuss Wyatt. She can't believe Liam and Bill are really going to cut him out of their lives. They argue. Liam feels they should agree to disagree. They talk about Wyatt getting physical with Bill. Hope reminds Liam he punched Wyatt. Liam shrugs that at least he doesn't have to deal with the issue of Wyatt kissing her anymore. Hope wonders if that's what this is really about. Liam says finding a brother and a son should have been a blessing instead of a curse... He muses, "At least we have our privacy back." They kiss and joke. Hope looks thoughtful.

At Spencer, Bill tells Brooke that Wyatt got an earful from Katie. They muse about Katie having a lot of supporters. Bill says it doesn't matter - it doesn't change the way they feel about each other. They kiss. Bill assures Brooke that Wyatt's issue is with him, not her. Brooke wants things to be right for their children. She muses that Wyatt is just like his father, and decides it's unacceptable for them to be estranged. Bill says Wyatt will have to earn forgiveness. Brooke thinks they need to keep the family together. Bill talks about Wyatt kissing Hope. Brooke says it was innocent. Bill's skeptical. He thinks it's best he's out of the house.

Wyatt returns home to Quinn, who has the place in a mess. She asks, "How's life at the beach?" Wyatt says he got kicked out after he opened his big mouth, but he doesn't regret it. He says the issue wasn't with Liam, it was with their dad. "A lot of things you said about him were right." Quinn's sorry he disappointed him. Wyatt tells her Bill bailed on his wife and kid to take up with his wife's sister. Quinn is a little stunned. Wyatt doesn't want that kind of man as a father. Quinn is proud he stood up for Will. Wyatt mentions that Hope didn't want him to go. Quinn thinks maybe it's for the best since she's engaged to his half-brother. Wyatt thinks about Hope.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke looks to redeem herself with the Spencer clan.

Forrester Creations links up to do business with Quinn's jewelry company.

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