In Liam's office, Bill warns Wyatt he doesn't like his shirts wrinkled so he needs to back the hell up. Wyatt lets go. Bill orders him to show respect. Wyatt mouths back. Liam warns Wyatt he'll regret doing this. Wyatt tells Bill he talks a good game about family, but he's really all about Bill. Bill sneers that he's been foaming at the mouth since he found out who he's related to. Wyatt says he doesn't want to be like him now. Bill asks who he is to judge him. Wyatt shouts, "I'm Will in 25 years, that's who I am." Bill muses that he and Wyatt may be too much alike. Wyatt protests. He now understands why Quinn kept him away. Bill tells Wyatt he's let Katie fill his head and calls him a screw-up. They go on and on. Liam suggests Wyatt apologize and cut his losses. He declines. Bill tells Wyatt he's acting like a victim; a punk, and he doesn't want him anywhere near him. Bill demands his security badge and credit cards. He's disowning him. Wyatt drops the items on the table and goes. Meanwhile, Brooke enters Katie's office. Katie has nothing to say to her. Brooke wants to find a way to get along. Brooke goes on about how they will all be in each others' lives. Katie has no intention of telling her what she wants to hear. She says it's gross that Brooke's shacked up with her husband. Brooke maintains that she pushed them together. They bicker about who will take the blame for what. Brooke lists Katie's mistakes. "You pushed him away." Katie sneers that he didn't exactly resist it since Brooke was waiting with open arms. She tells Brooke that Bill is her problem now. Katie says she's done being a spectator and is ready to get in the game. Brooke refuses to leave. Katie tells her they're done - they'll never see eye-to-eye on this and their relationship will never be the same. In the lobby, Wyatt pauses and flashes to Bill welcoming him to the family. Liam appears. He says he wanted to like him, but he's been condescending and disrespectful. He tells him to get his things out of the house.

At the outdoor gym, Rick and Caroline discuss Maya. He guesses that he had his hopes too high. He asks Caroline if she's wearing a swimsuit under her clothes. She says, "Nope. Not a thing." He smirks that she's dangerous. She pulls out a bikini. He can't wait to see her in it.

By the Forrester pool, Rick apologizes to Caroline for not properly appreciating her. He wants to give it a real try. They kiss.

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