Bill arrives at Spencer Publications and reads the riot act to a receptionist eating pretzels. He watches as Katie's face replaces his on the flat screen in the lobby. Bill goes to Liam's office and complains about Katie. Liam agrees; Bill made this company what it is. Bill asks Liam to do what he can to get Hope on board with him and Brooke being together. Liam says he'll see what he can do. Bill asks about Wyatt. Liam grumbles about him kissing Hope. Bill smirks over the sibling rivalry. Liam complains that Wyatt is two-faced and is manipulating his way into the family. Bill says he is family. In Katie's office, she warns Wyatt about what kind of man Bill is; he will hurt him. Wyatt is outraged that Bill has walked out on his baby. He goes on about letting the mothers raise the kids and bringing them back into the fold when they're old enough to drink. Katie says Bill will insinuate himself into every aspect of Wyatt's life; he won't even be able to choose his own wife. Katie says Quinn was right to keep Wyatt away from Bill. Wyatt replies that he's beginning to see that. Katie thinks it's good he's seeing Bill for who he is now. Wyatt rants about Bill and reassures Katie. He heads for the door, saying maybe Liam's a good little boy who lets his daddy get away with whatever he wants, but not him. Wyatt stalks into Liam's office and confronts Bill about leaving Katie for her sister. "I have a problem with you walking out on another son." He says his mother was right about him. Bill says he's leaving Katie, not Will, who will be fine. Wyatt grabs Bill. He shouts that he wasn't 'fine' growing up without a father and Will won't be either!

Maya pauses to flash to happier times with Rick before entering his office. He tells her he tried to reach her; he wanted to apologize. Rick talks about being hurt because he values honesty. He hopes they can move past it. Maya says she was calling and texting him last night. She stopped by the guesthouse this morning. "Tell me again, about how you value honesty." Rick protests it wasn't like that... Maya cries that he spent last night with Caroline, what is there to understand? Maya returns the necklace Rick gave her and hands him her resignation. He won't take it. Maya doesn't want to be like Caroline; she's more his type. She leaves.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt and Bill get into an altercation.

Brooke wants to repair her relationship with Katie.

Rick reconsiders his status in light of Eric's approval.

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