Katie has Will with her at the office. Wyatt appears and introduces himself as the long-lost stepson. Will is taken by the assistant. Wyatt wonders if he'll get big brother privileges, given how she feels about his dad. Katie wants Will to know both his brothers, but just wants Wyatt to leave. Wyatt is taken aback. Katie explains all about her issues with Bill, from his fling with Steffy to him taking up with her sister. Wyatt becomes very upset that Bill's abandoning another son. Katie says he's destroyed their home. Wyatt decides he won't let him.

At Forrester, Maya asks Pam about Rick's whereabouts. She says he hasn't made it in yet, and neither has Caroline. Pam goes on about Caroline and Rick making a great team. Pam offers up a lemon bar, but Maya says she's heading to Rick's - they have unresolved business.

Rick wakes up at home to find Caroline wearing only his shirt. She has coffee and kisses. Rick looks at the wine bottle on the nearby table with puzzlement. He picks up his phone, which is flooded with missed calls from Maya. Rick and Caroline discuss their success. Caroline thinks Rick will be CEO someday, and she'll be right by his side. Later, Maya arrives looking for Rick. Caroline appears in a towel and says she's too late. They argue. Caroline tells Maya she was Rick's walk on the wild side - that's all she'll ever be. She urges Maya to quit Forrester and focus on acting and Carter. Maya says she's a good person, and won't believe it's over until she hears it from Rick.

At Brooke's place, Bill tells Hope and Liam he and Brooke are moving forward together. Brooke hopes they have their support. Hope complains that Katie is family, and is now all alone to raise her little boy. Bill says she'll be fine. Hope and Bill argue. Hope takes Katie's side. Bill thinks Hope's issue is that he tried to keep her and Liam apart. Hope tells Brooke that after everything Bill did to her, Brooke sharing a bed with him is like a slap in the face. She reminds her mother that Katie's her sister, so this is not okay. Bill defends Brooke and blames Katie. Hope sneers, "Are you kidding me?" She calls him an arrogant, egocentric jerk, and leaves. Liam follows. Bill assures Brooke he'll make amends to Hope. "We're together now. No turning back."

At Forrester, Rick looks at a photo of Maya and flashes to happier times. He then thinks about kissing Caroline.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A couple is torn apart by a disagreement.

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