Nikki and Phyllis are arranging the NVP party, and Katherine walks in, overjoyed at the process! They discuss selling Jabot. She tells Phyllis and Nikki that she would only sell Jabot for 250 million, but she has Billy to consider! Jill, Billy and Will all come by, and are shocked that Kay would consider selling Jabot. Will tells Jill that he is in town because his father passed on.

At the ranch, Nick and Sharon discuss his move into the Tack House. She's far from impressed. Noah is happy that his dad will be nearby. Sharon is hard on Nick, but she tells him she is exciting she will be on her own. She's ready to move on!

Colleen happily receives a present from J.T. for going back to college! She's tells him her major is Art History!

At Newman, Victor and Brad discuss work and Victor once again shows his suspicious side! He demands a report on Brad's time overseas.

After he leaves, Victoria enters the office, and Brad tells his wife that something is 'off' with her dad. J.T. and Paul have a meeting with Victoria and Brad. They feel that they're free, but Paul can't guarantee that this won't resurface!

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Jill have coffee and discuss the Porche that he purchased. Gloria overhears and comes to sit with them. She thinks that it's a great idea, because John loved nice cars! Gloria expects great things from Billy.

Devon sees Daniel in the coffee room. Devon tells Daniel about the classes he got into at college, and he's surprised when Daniel tells him that Lily is moving back in with him.

At NVP, out on the patio, Neil meets with Lily to discuss her move. Devon drops in, and both he and Neil are unable to talk her out of the move.

In her office, Dru meets Mr. James, and is obviously impressed with his tall dark good looks! While they talk business, she asks him to make up a proposal. They make plans to have a business meeting at the Athletic Club for that evening!

Victor has the rage again when he hears the two office girls talking. He feels that they're talking about him again, and yells at them to get back to work!

He shows up at NVP. Phyllis and Nikki greet him and he shares how impressed he is with the dcor.

Will gives his sympathy to Gloria and goes on to talk to Jill. Gloria gets dollar signs in her eyes when she finds out from the bartender that Will just inherited a bundle!

Gloria tells Jill that Will is two timing her with Ashley, so Jill takes off!

Neil takes Devon to the vacant club, telling him what his thoughts are about making it into a Jazz Club! He's happy about the idea of a club, but wonders what Dru will say about it! Carmen calls to tell Neil his tickets are at the club, and they discuss the club.
Dru overhears the discussion and invites Mr. James to come along to the NVP party with her instead!

Noah takes a back pack and leaves for the Tack House, telling his mom he'd be back soon. He enters the Tack House, bringing pictures of Sharon and Nick from their wedding, and places them around the living room. When he gets home, he hums to himself, happily!

Victor arrives back at his office and overhears the gang discussing the Reliquary. He is suspicious again and quick to anger, forcing everyone out of his place.

Later, Nikki wonders why Victoria is not working in Victor's office. She explains his strange behaviour.

Carmen arrives at the club, and Neil shows her how he has mapped out the look of the club already! He's going to call the club 'Indigo', and is ecstatic.

Nick and Phyllis arrive at the Tack House, surprised to find the pictures of Nick and Sharon's wedding all over the place!

Victor hears people calling him, and is confused. When Brad walks into his office, he seems disturbed. He tells Brad how he won't tolerate betrayal. He confronts Brad that he will find out what he is hiding!

Next on Y&R:

Gloria tells Phyllis she is marrying Nick!

Sharon has moved on!