In his office, Rick asks Maya to tell him that Carter didn't spend the night with her. She says she's sorry, but it's true. Rick is upset. Maya says she was hurt when he didn't come to her premiere and Carter brought a bottle of wine... Maya says nothing happened beyond a kiss; Carter spent the night on the couch. Rick hollers that she let 'waiter Rick' spend the night on the couch because she had feelings for him. Maya protests to Rick that she lost her phone and didn't get his texts - she thought he didn't care about her. She worries he's pulling away from her now. He doesn't want to work it out tonight. In another office, Caroline tells Rafael that she told Rick about Maya and Carter. She says he didn't believe her at first, but she told him to ask Maya himself. Caroline admits she's nervous to see what the outcome will be. Rafael's never seen her so unsure of herself over a guy. She says it never mattered before. "We belong together." Rafael says tonight is her best chance to get Rick back. Caroline exits and Rafael texts Maya and Carter to meet him on the set ASAP.

At Liam's house, Hope tells him the relaunch was amazing. "It was huge!" They celebrate and toast to new beginnings. Liam presents her with a gift - a bracelet engraved with 'HFTF'. She loves it. They kiss and make love.

Maya arrives at the set. Only the janitor is there. He says she and Carter look great together in Room 8. Carter arrives and Maya tells him someone else got to Rick first - he feels betrayed and she may have lost him. Carter reassures her. Maya laments that Rick didn't expect her to deceive him. Carter gets a text that Rafael can't make it and asks her for coffee. She declines.

Rick finds Caroline waiting for him at home. He says she was right. Caroline tells him Maya doesn't deserve him; he should forget about her. Caroline tries to kiss him, and then offers a massage. She shows him raw footage of Maya and Carter on set to prove they're not just acting. She tells Rick, "I'm all yours and that's what you deserve." She pours wine, goes on about how great they are together, and undresses. They kiss on the bed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Brooke make an announcement.

Caroline taunts Maya.

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