At Forrester, Eric tells Rick the line wasn't what he expected. Caroline jumps to take the blame, Hope says they worked hard, and Thomas and Thorne condemn it. Rick says they focused on other markets. Eric says it's not what he would have done. Thorne asks Eric, "What's it gonna' be?" Eric shows them the huge orders that have come in during the past hour. Eric crows that the money's in the bank. He tells Rick his risk-taking paid off - HFTF is a hit! Thomas and Thorne nitpick. Eric says they can't argue with the numbers. Eric congratulates Rick, "You're well on your way. Mr. President." Hope kisses Rick. Maya gives Caroline credit and tells Rick she's proud of him. Caroline watches them hug. Once alone, Eric tells Rick how proud he is of his success. They embrace.

By the runway, Pam tries to entice the buyers into trying lemon bars. They are pleasantly surprised. Rafael tells Carter he saw Maya giving him the eye from the catwalk, and urges him not to give up. Carter flashes to their kiss. Marcus, Dayzee, and Othello discuss whether it might be Rick's last day as president. Marcus says running the company means a lot to him. Marcus gets a call and learns the truth - the orders are pouring in.

Pam brings some buyers backstage to toast Rick with a drink. Saki is poured and consumed. Caroline watches and flashes to what Rafael told her about Carter and Maya. Caroline has a cryptic exchange with Maya. Rafael asks Caroline if she's told Rick yet. She doesn't want to spoil his moment. Rafael urges her to tell him Maya's dirty little secret.

In the empty runway area, Thomas and Thorne lick their wounds. They mutter that Rick got lucky. Eric appears. They tell him this was a fluke. Eric expects all three of them to work together. Later, Carter tells Maya she was beautiful on the runway. Maya informs him she's telling Rick the truth about the other night. Carter's skeptical. He thinks it might happen again. Maya says she's with Rick. Carter says if it doesn't work out, he's there to lean on.

Caroline finds Rick in his office drinking coffee. She wants to celebrate. He says he has plans. Caroline tells him Maya hasn't been honest. She says Carter stayed at Maya's apartment the night of the premiere. He accuses her of lying and they argue. Maya appears. Caroline says, "Ask her yourself." Once alone, Rick tells Maya what he heard. She stares at him. "Maya?" Tell me that it didn't happen."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya's mistake catches up with her.

Liam and Hope enjoy being together.

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