Maya walks the runway at Forrester. There's still no reaction from the audience. Pam whispers to Eric that perhaps they should cut the music and have a lemon bar break. Thorne and Thomas watch Rick. Thorne says the show's tanking. Caroline reassures Rick that the lack of applause doesn't mean they won't get orders. Marcus notices Carter staring at Maya and calls him out. Carter flashes to kissing her. Rafael notices and hightails it over to Caroline, who says if Maya's cheating on Rick, she'll make sure he finds out after she helps him keep his job. Thomas and Thorne skulk around making note of the silent crowd. Carter compliments Maya. Rick hollers that the showstopper is coming up. Hope models the airy coral gown. She thanks them all and offers to answer questions. There are none. Jarrett is the only one to applaud. Thorne and Thomas exchange a look. Caroline tells Rick to be proud. Thorne and Thomas confront them. Thorne reminds Rick that Eric is making a decision based on the reaction of the press and buyers. He's feeling pretty confident.

Thomas and Thorne adjourn to an office and carry on a discussion as though Thorne is already president. Thorne muses that Rick will do his time in the basement. They chuckle. Speculation ensues about how long Eric will stay on as CEO once they turn the company around. Thorne wonders if he's waiting for the right team to be in place before he steps down.

The crowd files out of the showroom, leaving Pam holding their gift bags. Jarrett approaches her. "It was a good show, right?" He is confused about what to write. Donna tells Pam that Eric is talking to the buyers. Pam says that could be good. Donna is worried for Rick. Caroline and Rick discuss their decisions, such as reaching out to a different market. Caroline says she has something to tell him...she'd do anything to help him succeed. Thomas and Thorne return to the showroom as Eric wraps up with the buyers. Thorne tells Eric it's time. "I know this is going to be difficult, but it has to be done." Eric says, "You're right." Backstage, Hope, Caroline, Rick, and Maya discuss the odd quietness of the audience. Caroline insists that doesn't mean anything. Eric appears. He says it was one of the most unusual fashion shows he's ever seen. It's obvious Rick gave it his all. Thorne rants that nobody liked it. Rick tells him to let Eric speak.

Spoilers for Next Week of The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thorne and Thomas call for Rick's head.

Eric makes a decision.

Rick refuses Caroline's invitation.

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