In Rick's office, Eric tells his son that the audience's reaction to his line will tell him everything he needs to know. Thorne and Thomas exchange a look as Rick rushes out. Once alone, Thorne and Thomas laugh at Rick's guest list - he couldn't get their regular buyers to come. Thorne sniggers that he'll be moving to the basement by the end of the day. They almost feel sorry for Rick...but not quite.

Backstage at the Forrester runway, Caroline impresses upon Hope how important it is that they re-brand the line and that she stick to the script. After, Rick joins Caroline and Othello. He tells them Thomas and Thorne are upstairs licking their chops. Nearby, Marcus tells Dayzee that Rick seems nervous. Caroline takes Rick aside for a pep talk. He warns her he'll be celebrating with Maya, who has always been honest with him. Rafael appears and overhears. He gets Caroline alone and says she needs to hear what he has to say about Maya. Caroline is too busy with the models. Rafael follows her until he gets a chance to tell her about Carter doing the walk of shame from Maya's apartment. Meanwhile, Rick chats with an upbeat Hope, and then flashes to being made president. Eric appears. He expects to be very impressed and wishes Rick luck. Caroline tells Hope she'd do anything to make this a success for her and her brother...she loves him so much.

Outside at Forrester, Maya tells Carter that Rick needs to know that they spent the night together. She'll tell him after the show.

Out front by the runway, Jarrett looks wary, and tells Pam and Donna there is no one there to talk to. Carter and Marcus worry about Rick's ability to pull this off. Eric notes to Rick he doesn't see many of their regulars. Rick finds Maya and talks about celebrating after the show. Caroline sees them kiss. Caroline tells Rick it's time to show the world what a great team they make. Thomas and Thorne mutter to each other. Hope kicks things off with her scripted speech about HFTF appealing to all cultures. Eric, Marcus, and Dayzee are concerned about the music and no one clapping. Marcus tells Donna he guarantees this wasn't what Rick was hoping for. Thomas and Thorne find Rick and tell him he should have pulled the plug when he had the chance. They bicker. Rick tries to stress that the line is different. They tell him he failed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The Forresters await word on how the new line is being received.

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