At home, Brooke paces her bedroom and flashes to fighting with Katie. Bill awakens and tells her to come back to bed. They kiss. They debate about whether Brooke stole Bill from Katie. Bill says Will and Katie will be fine. He's moving on...and so is Brooke. Brooke can't get Katie out of her mind. Bill grabs her face and kisses her deeply. After making love, Bill tells Brooke to stop looking back. He says Brooke appreciates him for who he is, but Katie wanted to change him. Bill tells Brooke they've both finally met their match. Brooke giggles. "Did I tame the stallion?"

In Rick's office, he tells Eric, Thomas, and Thorne that Hope For the Future will now be known as HFTF. Thorne and Thomas scoff. Thomas reminds Rick that the deal is $100,000 in sales or he's out as president. Thomas says many of the buyers aren't even coming to the show. Thorne wonders if they should even go through with it. Rick snarks back. Eric intervenes. He says the audience will decide if the line is a success or failure. Thorne whispers to Thomas that this re-branding won't work; he predicts they'll be running things by day's end. A discussion ensues among the four about what the company needs. Thorne puts Rick on notice again.

Caroline rushes around by the Forrester runway. Carter stops her. He tells her not to give up on Rick; he's not giving up on Maya either. He flashes to their kiss. Caroline gets a call from Rafael, who needs to talk to her. She tells him she's too busy and hangs up. Caroline chats with Maya, who says Rick appreciates her dedication. Caroline mentions her worst mistake was keeping secrets from Rick, which he hates. Maya walks off. Rick appears. Maya listens as he reminds Caroline his job's on the line and she reassures him. Maya grimaces when they discuss how he can't tolerate things happening behind his back in a relationship. Caroline reassures Rick that they'll be celebrating later.

At the set, Rafael thinks about seeing Carter leave Maya's place and texts Caroline: "Need to see you ASAP."

Outside at Forrester, Maya asks Carter if he'd tell Caroline about the other night. He says he'd never betray her. Maya worries about Rick, who admires honesty and loyalty. She decides she'll tell him after the show.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

The debut of Rick's line begins at Forrester.

Caroline receives vital information.

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