At Katie's house, Katie tells Brooke that Taylor was right - she stole Bill from her. Brooke wants Katie to own her role in it. Katie snaps that Brooke wants her to take responsibility for what she did; betraying her in the worst possible way. Brooke says she has a selective memory and she's sick of hearing her play the victim. Katie's glad they are finally dropping the sisterly pretense that she's on her side. Brooke complains about how erratic she's been. "Everything is a test to you." Brooke won't listen to her abuse Bill anymore. Katie exclaims. Brooke talks about how Katie always blamed herself for things beyond her control, like Stormy's death, but would never take the blame for what she did. She hollers that it's not cute taking care of her anymore - Katie needs to stop blaming people for things she can fix. Katie sneers and asks Brooke just how she should go about getting her marriage back. Brooke ends up admitting she's in love with Bill and Katie calls her a hypocrite. Katie asks if she thinks Bill is her latest 'destiny' or did she just want what was hers? She knows Brooke enjoys the attention and reminds her that Bill loved her first. She taunts that there will always be a little voice in her head asking if she can trust his love. "He'll never be completely yours." Later, Katie tells a crying Will, "I miss him too. We're going to get him back."

At the Malibu house, Wyatt offers to go pick up dinner with a credit card Bill gave him. He chides Liam about being given a mansion on the beach, and heads out. Liam tells Hope he'd love it if Bill bought Wyatt a mansion. Wyatt returns and offers to move his things so Hope can have her own room. Liam says Hope will be rooming with him. Later, Wyatt brings food. As they prepare to eat, Wyatt tells Liam he doesn't understand his place there. Liam understands he feels like a guest. He says, "Everything that's mine is yours. Except Hope." After dinner, Hope and Liam decide to turn in early. They chat happily, kiss, and make love in bed. In the living room, Wyatt researches Liam and Hope online.

At home, Brooke is startled to see Bill emerging from her bathroom in a towel. She asks what he's doing. He says he's come home to her; they're starting their life together. Brooke tells him to go back to his wife. He's done with all of that. Brooke is unsure. Bill smooth talks her. They kiss and fall onto the bed.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thorne and Thomas dislike Rick's plan for the company and tell Eric.

Maya struggles with whether to come clean to Rick about her time with Carter.

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