At home, Katie pleads with Bill to give them another chance. Bill tells her she can't just sprinkle fairy dust on this. Brooke implores Bill to listen to his wife. Katie asks him to come home to her and Will. Bill refuses. Katie is stunned that he won't even try. He says he was working on it while she was setting up spy cams because of her insecurities. Brooke hisses at Katie, "How could you do this?" Katie points out that Brooke slept with her husband. Brooke says men like Bill have a breaking point. Bill says he's done. Katie shouts that this is because of Brooke. Bill denies it. He says Katie started all of this and now wants to blame them. Katie says her actions have had terrible consequences, and so will his. "Trust me. You won't like them." Brooke and Katie snipe at each other. Bill leaves. Katie lists off the men Brooke has done this to. "Why would I ever think you would respect my marriage?" Brooke says she did. Katie growls, "You did this to me! You stole my husband!"

Quinn paces at the jewelry warehouse. Wyatt appears holding a bag. She says she knew he'd come back. Wyatt says he just came to pick up some things. Quinn becomes upset. They argue about Bill. Wyatt complains she was wrong to keep the truth from him. Quinn admits she was wrong and wants to get beyond this. Wyatt says Spencer Publications is incredible; that company is his birthright. He calls Liam a weirdo who doesn't deserve Hope. Quinn wonders if he plans to do something. Wyatt says he wants his birthright and the woman. Quinn complains about Hope. Wyatt defends her. He says he'll be a part of Bill's world - Quinn can accept it or be left behind.

In the Malibu house, Hope tells Liam that Katie is determined to reconcile with Bill. Liam tells her Wyatt moved back in. Hope says it may be the only time she's agreed with Bill. Liam says Wyatt came to the office to apologize again, and talks about how unalike they are. Liam worries Wyatt doesn't respect boundaries. They talk about Hope spending the night. Liam makes a pitch for her to move in. Hope agrees - she wants to start her life with him. They twirl around and kiss. Wyatt enters and they fill him in. He acts pleased and then looks thoughtful.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope and Liam find Wyatt in the middle of their lives.

The Logan sisters argue.

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