Bill offers to turn the Spencer jet around and go back to Monte Carlo. Brooke insists they go home and talk to Katie. Bill says he'll listen, and then he'll leave. His mind's made up. Brooke implores him to hear Katie out.

Wyatt arrives at Spencer Publications and asks to see Liam. He introduces himself to the receptionist as Wyatt Spencer, Liam's brother. She stammers and tells him to go right up. Wyatt enters Liam's office and scoffs at finding him meditating. Wyatt says he came to apologize and marvels at the view. Liam says he already apologized. Wyatt wants to be pals and hang out without the weirdness. Liam's kimchi and steamed broccoli is brought in and Wyatt cringes. Liam challenges him to try it. Wyatt brings up how he treats Hope and things get tense again. Wyatt asks about him suddenly becoming publisher of a magazine. Liam corrects that Bill made sure he earned it. They discuss Katie. Liam doesn't expect her today - she's distracted. They talk about being brothers and decide to give being friends a try. Liam warns him one more time about Hope and crossing the line. Wyatt looks forward to returning and learning more about the family business. Wyatt tells the receptionist she'll be seeing a lot more of him. He muses to himself, "The only thing keeping me from the top is tofu-eating yoga boy."

Katie opens her door to Hope, who gives her a big hug. Katie tells Hope she just wants to go back to when Bill was hers. Brooke calls. She tells Katie that they are landing soon and coming over. "You and Bill need to talk." Katie tells Hope she's surprised they didn't want a few more days in Monte Carlo. She complains that no matter what happens, he'll never just be hers. Hope understands that better than anyone, but assures her you can move on. Hope leaves, reminding Katie that her mom would never want to hurt her. "Stay strong."

On the jet, Brooke flashes to her kiss with Bill. He says they'll be landing soon. Bill intends to let Katie know how he feels about Brooke. Brooke sighs. She wants him to hear Katie out first. Bill tells Brooke she's his future. Brooke urges him to think about Will.

Bill and Brooke arrive at Katie's house. He talks about the cameras and how she pushed him to Brooke. Katie offers to own her part in this and apologize. She will ask for his forgiveness and give Bill hers. She cries that she wants to go back to when he was hers, and only hers. Katie hates that he went to Monte Carlo, but wants him to come home. "I want you back."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill's not open to Katie's attempt to save their marriage.

Katie puts the blame on Brooke.

Brooke lets her opinion be known.

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