Carly is upset about AJ at the Metro Court and Sonny thinks he made it worse. Michael caught him holding Connie after he kidnapped her. He misread the whole situation and threatened to turn him in. Carly realizes he played right into AJ’s hands. She is scared and feels alone with Jason gone. Sonny holds her. He knows how she feels and apologizes for how he handled Connie. She urges him to put up a united front for Michael. He agrees, but he is not giving up on Kate either.

Michael visits AJ at the mansion. He was right about Sonny. AJ cares about Michael’s happiness and hopes he and Sonny can work it out. Diane arrives and tells him dodging the kidnapping charges could be tricky. Michael offers to not testify but Diane thinks they need to give the DA what they really want – a bigger criminal. AJ has someone – Faison. His doctor at the Swiss clinic had a business relationship with him. It was a while ago but he was still a patient when AJ left. AJ even has a picture he took with his phone. Diane tells them the charges will disappear as soon as they present this evidence.

TJ does a mock up cover of Molly’s book for her at Kelly’s. She is worried because Todd never got back to her. They realize TJ’s hard copy is missing and suddenly Molly realizes the original copy on her computer is gone for good too.

Connie marks up Molly’s manuscript at Johnny’s apartment. He is surprised to see her and wishes he had changed the locks. She thought they had a moment when she made him a sandwich but his only concern was that she would come back. Why couldn’t she have just stayed gone? She tells him to lay off or she will tell everyone the truth about him killing Starr’s kid. Suddenly Starr knocks and demands the manuscript back. Connie secretly grabs the book and leaves. Alone, Johnny tells Starr that Connie is blackmailing him. He did not want this life but he had no choice. She demands to know what Connie has over him.

Sonny runs into Connie at the Metro Court. He apologizes again for what Joe did to her and wants to make it up to her. She tells him she is moving on and writing a romance novel. He doesn’t think she would have to write a book if she was being romanced the right way. Does she miss being with a man instead of a boy? He gives her his number in case she needs help with that.

Starr barges into Todd’s office. She thinks he had something to do with Tomas’ disappearance. He tells her he had nothing to do with it. In fact, Carly and Skye think he is someone names Alcazar. Starr actually came to talk about the manuscript. Todd didn’t get to it and she insists he read it right now but he can’t find it. Starr finds a gaudy accessory and calls out "That skank!" Todd tells her she has to be more specific. Starr realizes Connie took the novel and storms off to "teach that baby killer a lesson." Todd is a proud papa. Later, Carly comes by and accuses Todd of still loving Blair. She is glad she dodged a bullet by not sleeping with him. She asks what she means to him. He tells her she is the only friend he has ever had. She reiterates she is glad she never slept with him as Molly and TJ arrive. They ask Todd for the manuscript and he suggests they ask Connie, who has just walked in.

In Fake Duke’s room, Robert tries to persuade Anna that he is really Fasion and he can prove it. He describes Olivia’s visions, which are reliable and Dante will back him up. He had Olivia talk to Liz Webber and she sketched it. He shows Anna the sketch Liz made. Anna thinks Liz may have done it subconsciously. He was smoking one of those cigarillos – Robert shows Anna one he left behind. Anna is shocked but does not believe Robert. He begs for her support but she can’t. She calls the station to report Robert’s break in and has him taken away. Alone, Fake Duke holds her while she looks at the sketch.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu cries to Olivia, "Maxie is going to give birth to a dog?"

At Kelly’s Maxie yells out, "There is no sugar in here! I need sugar!"

Fake Duke asks Anna, "Do you regret having Robert arrested?"

Dante tells John, "You never know what is going to walk through those doors." Robert is brought in yelling, "I am telling you, you are locking up the wrong guy!"

Starr tells Johnny, "You killed someone and I know who."

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