In Monte Carlo, Brooke and Bill kiss passionately. Bill tells her he won't spend the rest of his life without her, and warns that he gets what he wants. Brooke smiles. "That's my girl." They kiss and go back inside. Bill doesn't want to wait to make love. Brooke gasps, "My sister... This can never happen." Bill implores her to stop fighting this. "My marriage is over." He talks about them creating an incredible life together and sailing on his yacht. Brooke says they have to face Katie first. Bill agrees to it, but says they are moving on. Together.

At Katie's place, she tells Liam and Hope that Bill is in Monte Carlo. She explains that Brooke called and told her to come right away. Liam offers to watch Will. Katie says she's not going. She says Brooke understands Bill much better than she ever could; they belong together. Liam tells Katie she's been sending mixed messages to Bill, and Hope pipes up to say Bill and Brooke aren't blameless in this. Liam says Katie needs to remember how important she is to his father. He thinks that what she's decided to do, isn't what she really wants. Liam suggests she get herself straightened out for her sake and Will's.

In bed at Rick's house, Maya says to him, "You promised to make it up to me, and you did." They kiss. Rick tells her he looked everywhere for her last night, but Rafael told him she took off with Carter. "Why would he say that?" Maya says she was at home last night, but doesn't admit she was with Carter. Maya receives a text from Carter. Rick tells her he wants to get this right.

At Maya's apartment, Carter fondles a red rose and flashes to kissing her. Later, Maya returns. She wonders why he's still there. He asks if she got his text. Carter can't believe she's still concerned about Rick. Maya defends him. Carter says he'll keep their secret, including that he gave her the best kiss she's ever had.

Rafael is sitting in Dayzee's cafe when he notices Carter leaving Maya's apartment. He smirks.

On Bill's jet, Brooke says Donna will take the Forrester jet back. They bicker about whether Bill will feel differently when they get home. Brooke insists he needs to think about Will. Bill says Katie isn't the woman he married and now he only sees Brooke. She's the woman he wants. Always. He kisses her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Wyatt turns up at Spencer Publications.

Brooke and Bill discuss the future.

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