At the police station, Ronan adds everyone who was texted by Diane on the night of the murder to the suspect board.

Diane's ghost sits in her former suite surrounded by flowers and photos of the suspects. She doesn't know who killed her, but thinks she's dead because of all of them.

Jack arrives at Restless Style and tells Phyllis and Nick that he's going to Switzerland to get Kyle. Phyllis feels bad that he has to tell him Diane is dead. Jack lets them know he was questioned because Diane texted him. Phyllis says he got the same text. Jack goes, and Phyllis and Nick discuss Diane sending her a text. Nick flashes to arguing with Diane on the bridge, and tells Phyllis that she sent him a text too, but he ignored it. Phyllis flashes to meeting Diane in the park, and tells Nick she ignored it too. Phyllis says having alibis would make things easier. Nick muses that they were together except when they quickly ran errands. Ronan enters and asks where they were last night. They lie that they were there together working all night. Ronan notices her fresh manicure, and then leaves.

At home, Vikki leaves Billy a voicemail to call and explain why he left suddenly. Victor arrives and warns her that they'll probably question her and Nick about Diane's murder due to the lawsuit she filed against Nikki. They discuss Billy. Victor asks why she allows him to let her down over and over. Vikki says she loves him. Victor goes, and Vikki deletes Diane's text.

Adam approaches Abby at the Club bar and raises the issue of Diane's murder. Abby flashes to being with Diane at the park - she held the key to a safe with the video of Abby's confession. Adam says he told the police he was at the bar with her last night and suggests they be each other's alibi. Abby says she doesn't really think she needs one. Adam points out she'll have no one vouching for her - that could come back to bite her. After Adam goes, Victor comes to warn Abby about being questioned. She says Adam wants to be each other's alibis, but she really doesn't remember. Ronan appears and questions Abby. She points him to the bartender, who isn't sure what time he cut Abby off. Victor tells Ronan they will surely find someone that saw her here when Diane was killed. Ronan hopes so.

Tucker paces his office thinking about the argument he had with Diane the night she was killed. Ashley comes in and says she's going to stay at the Club for awhile. Tucker asks her to forgive him. She's not sure she can. Ronan calls and says he's coming to question them. They talk about how much they despised Diane. Ashley thinks about arguing with her at the park. Ronan arrives and asks where they were last night. Tucker tells him they were in his office all night. Ashley says it's true.

Back at the station, Ronan looks at a pink fingernail in a baggie. Diane's ghost talks as we see her and Phyllis argue and Phyllis dig up a rock and chase her. Next, we see Tucker grab Diane by the throat. She pushes him and he goes after her. Ronan looks at a small key that was found in Diane's mouth. We see Diane taunting Abby and then they fight. Next, we see Nick threaten to kill Diane, followed by Ashley pushing Diane to the ground, dropping her phone, and then chasing her. Ronan looks at an imprint of a Harvard ring that was on Diane's arm. He then reads the flight plan from Victor's private plane. We see Diane argue with Victor and him raise the watch in his handkerchief over her head. Victoria witnesses it. Diane's voice says that the path to the truth will become clear. She says someone once said dead men don't tell tales - but they didn't mean her.

Jack sits on the plane to Switzerland, grimacing about something he is thinking. His Harvard ring is on his finger.

Adam's Harvard ring is shown as he calls the woman he was with the night of Diane's murder from the Club.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

A sweaty Victor offers to teach Genevieve something. She says, "That would be great!"

Lily goes to Jimmy's Bar and tells Cane she'll be filing for divorce.

At the police station, Nina tells Ronan he is the most inhuman, unfeeling person she's ever known. He tells her to keep her voice down.

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