In Monte Carlo, Brooke tells Donna she should have told her what Katie was up to. Donna says she hated it, but Katie was determined. Brooke says she won't allow Katie to lose her marriage over this. They discuss that Bill has a right to be angry. Brooke intends to let Katie know that he's there.

Katie paces her living room. She leaves Bill a message to please come home. Brooke phones. She tells Katie that Bill is there in Monte Carlo and she should come there. Katie is upset. "He went straight to you!" Katie rages that his words were meaningless. She tells Brooke she won. "But then again, you always do."

At her apartment, Maya thinks about kissing Carter and smiles. She pours two coffees and takes them over to him on the sofa. She thanks him for last night. Carter wishes he could have shared her bed, but he knows she was worried about Rick coming by. Maya talks about Rick standing her up - she needs an explanation. Maya realizes her phone's been slipped under the door. She tells Carter that Rick's been looking for her. He reminds her Rick wasn't in a rush to see her premiere last night, and tells her she's special. Maya thanks him again, and says she has to get going. He says he'll clean up and show himself out. He draws her a flower on a writing pad.

At home, Rick mutters about having sent a dozen texts the night before and none of them were answered. "Where were you last night, Maya?" Later, Maya arrives. She says she didn't get his texts. He asks about the premiere and tells her he tried to find her. "I felt so bad." He wants to make it up to her. They kiss and make love.

Bill joins Brooke and Donna in the suite in Monte Carlo. He figures Donna knew about the cameras in the house, and asks to speak to Brooke alone. Bill tells Brooke she looks stunning. "I want you, Brooke." He says they're moving on - together. Brooke says she told Katie he's there. They bicker about what Katie did. Bill says it's over and Brooke's the woman in his life now. Brooke tells him to leave her alone. He knows she loves him. Brooke admits she does, but says this can never work. Bill says it is working; they'll be together from this moment forward. Brooke runs out of the hotel. Bill pursues her through the streets. Inside, Donna calls Katie, who reiterates tearfully that Brooke can have Bill. Outside, Bill catches up to Brooke and tells her he loves her. They kiss passionately.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Katie discuss her feelings for Bill.

Maya feels pulled in two directions when it comes to Carter and Rick.

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