On the yacht, Bill and Brooke kiss as Brooke pulls away. She says they can't do what Bill wants. Brooke tries to calm Bill down as he tosses his ring overboard.

In Brooke's hotel room, Bill and Brooke talk about the cameras Katie set up. Brooke says Katie wants him back, that's why she did it. Bill believes his marriage can't survive without trust. He was there for her through it all and it's over. He doesn't want Katie, he wants Brooke. Bill feels freedom being with Brooke. Brooke continues to push him away. Brooke knows he has more to lose being with her than Katie. He should go back for the sake of her sister and Will. She can't do this to her sister. Bill can't go back. This was the last straw. He wants to move on with Brooke.

Maya pulls away from Carter's kiss in her apartment. She can't understand why Carter kissed her since she's with Rick. Carter wants to celebrate. He believes the event is the start of something wonderful between them. Maya wonders if Rick's going to show. She wants to know why Rick was absent from the premiere. Carter doesn't care and he's lucky Rick didn't show. Maya wonders if Rick is no longer interested in her. Carter puts on the charm. He wants her to forget about Rick. They kiss.

At home, Katie is teary eyed as the door opens. She thinks it's Bill, but it's Liam. Katie informs him Bill wants nothing to do with her. She explains how she spied on Bill and Brooke with cameras. She's not sorry she played spy as she had to know. Liam comforts her and believes maybe it's best Bill calms down. She weeps. Later, Katie stares at a photo of her and Bill and continues crying.

Rick asks Rafael where Maya is at the cafe. Rafael has no clue. He hopes Maya is celebrating with Carter since Rick has caused her so much pain. Rick departs to look for Maya. Later, Caroline enters. Rafael needs her assistance with Maya.

Outside Carter's apartment, Rick knocks on the door. He demands Carter tell him where Maya is.

Back at his place, Rick calls Maya. He leaves a voicemail message saying he loves her and hopes everything is okay.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie has to deal with what she did to Bill.

Bill continues to pursue Brooke in Monte Carlo.

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