In Monte Carlo, Brooke is dazzled by the sights. Later, Brooke reflects on Bill.

In her hotel room, Brooke speaks with Donna about Bill. Donna informs her she's been invited to a yacht party. Brooke wants to explore the city more. Donna believes Brooke still wants Bill even though she claims not to. They can't act on her feelings after seeing how Katie handled it.

On the plane, Bill inquires as to how soon he will arrive in Monte Carlo. He flashes to finding the cameras Katie installed. He thinks about how he married the wrong sister.

At home, Katie cries holding one of the cameras. She thinks about Bill angrily yelling at discovering her playing big brother and storming out. Katie calls Donna and reveals Bill found the cameras.

In his car, Rick balks at being stuck in traffic. He texts Maya to say he is on his way.

Rafael tells Maya at the premiere that he has to begin the showing without Rick. Carter says it's her big night. It later concludes and Rafael thanks everyone for its success. He hands Maya the mic to say something. She's brief and Carter takes over. Dayzee and Pam give Carter praise. Rafael says Maya needs to get it together even though Rick isn't there. She says she can't do this and darts out. Rick arrives and Pam cheerfully informs him that he missed the premiere. He is looking for Maya. Pam states they left and to give Maya some space. He dashes out.

At the cafe, Maya tells Rafael that she can't believe Rick wasn't at the event and heads to her apartment. Carter comes in and Rafael gives him advice on how to handle her. Rick emerges with flowers. He feels bad for missing the big night. Rafael says Carter and Maya aren't there.

In her apartment, Carter tries to calm Maya with wine. He kisses her.

On the yacht, Brooke is welcomed to the party. Outside, Bill looks for her. Back on the yacht, Bill finds Brooke, says his marriage is over and that he loves her. They kiss.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya seeks comfort from Carter.

Bill makes a grand gesture.

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