At home, Katie thinks that Bill loves her. Bill arrives. She tells him she doesn't want a divorce; he should come home. Bill muses that he has to choose his words carefully. Katie suggests they get his things and introduce Will to Wyatt. Bill pulls out the spycam. "Do you know anything about that?" He says he knows exactly what she was doing. She protests that she had lost all faith in him. He yells about her deception. She shouts that his word was not enough - he would have done the same thing. Bill goes ballistic when she says he passed her test. He says he will never trust her again. He wants a divorce. They argue. Bill says he'll make arrangements to see Will and leaves. Katie cries.

On the jet, Donna reads to Brooke about Monte Carlo. They talk about Brooke promoting her line there. Brooke says it helps Forrester, her, and may help Bill and Katie too. Donna thinks something might happen between them. She refers to Bill as a stallion. Brooke giggles. Donna says she'll nap when they arrive. She asks Brooke about 'stallion'. Brooke describes how Bill dropped his towel. Once on the ground, Brooke took in the sights.

Thorne and Thomas call Eric to the basement office. They want him to remove Rick as president and put them in. Thorne says he will be president and Thomas will be vice-president - that's the dream team. "Tell Rick he's out."

Maya and Rick canoodle in his office as Caroline watches sadly from the doorway. Maya goes and Rick talks to Caroline about a possible mutiny. Caroline won't let Thomas and Thorne get to him. Thorne, Thomas, and Eric enter. Rick is about to leave. They can't believe it - he should be there working. "It's time to pull the plug on him, Dad." Caroline gets out their work and shows it off. Rick grins. Eric sees the potential and says she and Rick should see it through. Thomas and Thorne are sour. Once alone, Rick thanks Caroline, but panics when he remembers the screening.

By the Forrester runway, Pam hugs Maya, who looks across the room at Carter. Rafael takes the stage and announces the premiere of Room 8, starring Maya and Carter. Maya looks around. Rick's not there. Carter gets up and thanks his brother, Marcus. Maya thanks Rafael and Carter, and dedicates her performance to Rick Forrester; without him she wouldn't be there. They sit down. Maya looks at Rick's empty seat as the screening begins.

At the Los Angeles airport, Bill directs his pilot to take him directly to Monte Carlo.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke gets a big surprise in Monte Carlo.

Maya turns to wine and to Carter for comfort.

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