In Katie's office, she and Donna watch Bill and Brooke on the laptop. Katie says he's taking a drink to distance himself from what he's about to do. Bill offers Brooke some scotch. She declines and hears Will on the monitor. Bill asks her to pour out his drink. He checks on Will and then returns to tell Brooke he doesn't want Will growing up thinking he smells like scotch. He says Katie's right about his drinking. Brooke wishes he'd said that to Katie. Donna asks Katie if she's satisfied yet. She wipes away a tear. Bill tells Brooke he'll do everything he can to get his wife back. "She loves me. I just have to remind her of that." Brooke asks him to put in a good word for her too. Talk turns to Brooke going to Monte Carlo. She calls Donna to invite her to join her on the trip. They make arrangements to meet. Katie turns off the laptop. "I was wrong. He loves me. He chooses me." Later, Bill is alone at Katie's house when he finds the spy camera and the listening device. He's furious.

At Forrester, Thorne tells Thomas the question is how they can help each other. Thorne say it starts with getting his butt out of the basement. He thinks that together, they can be five times the president Rick is. As a team, they can't be beat. Thomas agrees. He thinks Eric might make Thorne president, and he can later hand off the position to his vice-president. "Me." They discuss the need for change and Forrester being Thorne's daughter's legacy. They won't leave it in Rick's hands.

Maya comes to the doorway of Rick's office and watches him interacting closely with Caroline. She closes the door loudly and enters. Caroline is kind and complimentary toward Maya. After, Rick tells Maya that Caroline is trying. Maya calls that an understatement. She asks if all of the long hours he's putting in will be with Caroline. Rick explains that he needs Caroline to design - she's talented and motivated. Maya says her motivation is him. Rick says he's told Caroline enough that it's not going to happen with them, and talks about where his loyalties and priorities lay. Rick offers Maya a special dress for the premiere. She hugs him excitedly. Caroline returns. Maya leaves to check out her dress. Caroline and Rick discuss his job being in jeopardy. She reassures him. Maya returns and tells Rick everything's perfect - and so is he.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Katie's reunion runs into a problem.

Brooke heads to Monte Carlo to promote her line.

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