At Katie's house, Donna tries to convince her sister that Bill wants her. Katie has a bottle of scotch and says Bill becomes a different man when alcohol's involved. Brooke arrives to babysit. She thanks Katie for trusting her.

At Spencer, Bill tells Justin that Wyatt is a lot like him. Liam arrives to speak to Bill. He says he asked Wyatt to leave. Bill wants him back in the house. Liam complains that he was kissing Hope. Bill is impressed that Liam punched him. Liam protests about letting Wyatt back into his house. Bill says, "It's my house." He tells Liam to lay down the law and Wyatt will listen. Bill wants to return his attention to stopping a divorce from happening.

In Malibu, Hope talks to Wyatt about the stolen kisses. He says they weren't stolen. She wants to establish that it won't happen anymore. They laugh over Liam catching him kissing her and then finding out she saw him naked. Hope tells Wyatt she loves Liam and will be marrying him. She wants Liam and Wyatt to get along, so Liam has to be able to trust him. She admits she enjoyed the attention, but it has to stop. Wyatt says he won't be a problem. Liam arrives looking to set ground rules. Wyatt says he and Hopie are all over that. Liam says he and Hopie are the problem. Wyatt concedes he was out of line. Liam wonders how to trust him going forward. They natter back and forth. Wyatt asks for forgiveness. Hope says they will get along. She won't have it any other way. Liam and Wyatt find common ground in their business success. They talk about Wyatt's mom. Liam says she made a mistake but he's lucky to have her. Hope's tickled that he's being a brother. They make peace.

In her office, Katie watches Brooke with Will on the laptop. Bill enters. She asks him to watch Will again. He wants to have dinner together. Katie declines. Bill fails to convince her and leaves to see Will. Later, Donna joins Katie and they watch as Bill arrives at the house. Brooke tries to call Katie, who doesn't answer. Since Katie asked them both to stay, they do. Once Will's asleep, they speculate on whether Katie even cares anymore. Donna tells Katie she's pushing Bill away. Bill notices the scotch. Brooke has no problem with him drinking, so he does. Katie anticipates trouble.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya is worried about Rick and Caroline working together.

Thorne and Thomas try to make a move at Forrester.

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