At the outdoor restaurant, Wyatt flashes to kissing Hope, and Liam punching him and kicking him out.

Katie and Donna watch on the laptop in Katie's office as Brooke and Bill share a close moment in her house. Katie says they are trying so hard not to give in. Bill and Brooke hug. Donna wants Katie to admit that all she's seeing is compassion. Donna tells Katie that Bill wants her and won't do anything to jeopardize it. Bill tells Brooke he just got a text from Wyatt - he and Liam got into it at the house in Malibu. He talks about Katie teaching him about family. Katie and Donna continue to listen as Bill says he's texting Wyatt to go back and fix things with his brother. He wonders what happened between them. Talk turns to Brooke going to Monte Carlo to represent her line. "Who creates buzz better than you do?" Katie listens and wonders if Bill is wishing he could go too. Brooke rises to leave. Bill stops her. They rehash him wanting his marriage to work. Donna implores Katie to listen. "Can't you feel how much he wants you back?" Bill tells Brooke he wants his family back. Donna urges Katie to act before it's too late.

Still at the outdoor restaurant, Wyatt reads Bill's text and then looks at a photo of Hope thoughtfully.

In the Malibu house, Hope tells Liam six months is a long time. She teases him about slugging his brother. He says she liked it. She giggles. "Maybe I did." They kiss. She muses that it is good for a girl to have options. He tickles her. Liam complains about Wyatt lecturing him on how he treats her when he doesn't understand what they've been through. Hope doesn't know if she understands. Liam promises to be there for her from now on. Hope asks him to call Wyatt and smooth things over. Liam talks about Spencer Publications being involved in an event in Monte Carlo. Hope thinks Brooke may be going to represent Brooke's Bedroom. They speculate on whether Brooke and Bill fell in love with each other. Hope says Brooke is focused on fixing things with Katie, but she and Bill have a lot in common. Liam's concerned about Will. They make a 'Do Not Disturb' sign to keep Bill away. They talk again about Wyatt. Hope giggles about Liam's jealousy. They kiss. Wyatt appears.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie tests Bill and Brooke again.

Hope deals with an uncomfortable situation.

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