At Liam's place, Wyatt picks himself up off the floor after Liam's punch. Hope gets in between them so they can't fight. She doesn't know whether to be appalled or flattered that they're fighting over her. She goes with flattered. Liam isn't amused. He wonders why she was kissing him. Hope admits it wasn't the first time. Wyatt adds that she's seen him naked. Liam is flabbergasted. Hope says he's cute when he's jealous. Liam doesn't find any of it funny. Wyatt says Hope was backing away from his kiss. Liam confronts him about hitting on his woman in his house. Wyatt informs him he appreciates Hope, who feels that Liam puts her second to Steffy. He warns Liam to wake up before someone better comes along and takes Hope away from him. Wyatt and Liam bicker about Liam's history, which is all over the internet. Liam wants Wyatt out. Wyatt replies that it's Dad's house. Liam is stunned. Hope can't believe Liam's throwing him out. She apologizes to Wyatt, who says he'll see her soon. After, Hope and Liam argue. She admits she liked Wyatt's attention and is tired of waiting. Liam talks about hanging on a while longer. They don't want to lose each other.

In Katie's office, Donna complains that she was setting up Bill and Brooke to fail by spying on them. Katie denies it. She just wanted to see what they would do. Bill arrives. Donna exits. Bill wants to tell Katie something. She informs him she already knows about his new son. Bill realizes she heard it from Brooke and apologizes that it didn't come from him. They discuss Wyatt and how he found out about him. Katie says Hope should open a business reuniting children with their long lost parents. Katie tells Bill she asked him there because she wants him to relieve Brooke, who is watching Will again. Bill gets her to crack a smile and tells her he's coming back. He knows trust has been broken and it will take time. He misses her and their life.

Katie watches Bill arrive at her house. He and Brooke interact with Will on the laptop in her office. Donna returns. They listen as Brooke and Bill discuss winning Katie's trust back. Bill says he'll do whatever it takes to get her back. Donna thinks Katie is hearing what she wants, but Katie's still skeptical. Brooke and Bill discuss Wyatt and Quinn. Talk turns to Brooke's pregnancy. Bill says she was brave to keep the secret. Brooke says she loved that baby...their child. As they get close, Donna whispers, "Don't do it."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie and Brooke argue and Donna's caught in the middle.

Bill referees between Liam and Wyatt.

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