At the Malibu house, Wyatt stands by as Liam tells Hope he understands how Steffy feels about an annulment. Hope says what Steffy wants takes precedent again - she won't accept it. Hope insists that if Liam wants to marry her, he'll go to Paris and convince Steffy that she's wrong. Wyatt nibbles a snack as they bicker. Hope gripes that Steffy is controlling them from across the world. Liam suggests Hope move in. Hope nixes the idea. Liam gets a call and has to go to work. Wyatt tells Hope he thinks it's crazy that Liam won't go to bat for them. Hope snaps that it's always been that way. She wonders if Steffy's stalling and will maybe come back. She honestly doesn't know what Liam would do if she returned. Wyatt says he believes if a man wants something, he goes after it. He tells her that his half-brother accepted him into his house and all he wants to do is hit on his girl. But she's not his girl...not for six months and maybe never. He moves in close.

In the car, Liam thinks about Hope's words and returns to his house. Liam enters and grabs Wyatt, who is trying to kiss Hope. He sucker punches him.

In Rick's office, Maya notices he's acting distracted. Rick apologizes and tells her his job's on the line. Maya worries that she brought too much drama to his life...though not as much as Caroline. Rick says Caroline is helping him. Maya says she'll want something in return. He admits he agreed to a weekend away with her if she helps him reach his goal. Maya gasps. Rick pleads that this is his life dream. Maya says she doesn't trust Caroline, but she trusts him.

In the Forrester studio, Caroline works with the models. Rafael appears. She squeals that she took his advice and is being the best Caroline she can be. Rafael likes the change. Caroline says she wasted time trying to get Rick to see Maya's wrong for him, when she simply has to show that she's right for him. Maya appears and tells Caroline she knows what she's up to. She advises her it's never going to work. Caroline apologizes for her past behavior, but admits she's still very interested in Rick. Maya says she's still manipulating. Caroline counters that she's just being herself. Oliver asks if they're ready. Caroline coaches the models as Maya watches.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam must defend his relationship with Hope.

Hope worries she got engaged too fast.

Wyatt and Liam argue.

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