In Malibu, Wyatt thanks Liam for letting him stay. They discuss the revelation of Bill being Wyatt's father. Wyatt guesses he was seeing both their moms at the same time. Liam says Bill is proof there's good in everyone. Liam asks if Wyatt has a girlfriend. Wyatt says no and questions Liam about Hope and Steffy. Liam insists it's not how it looks. Liam gets a message from Steffy - she'll give him a no-fault divorce. Liam tells Wyatt that he and Hope will have to wait six months to marry.

Outside Forrester, Hope tells her wedding party planner that they may do a tent in Brooke's backyard. He thinks they should run it by her first. Hope says they want to get married as soon as possible. There's just one little detail to take care of...

At Forrester, Rick tells Eric that Caroline needs to accept he's with Maya now. Eric says Rick needs to find a way to work with her. Thomas and Thorne arrive with the latest numbers for Hope For The Future. They're still down for the quarter. On the empty runway, Caroline flashes to good times with Rick. Rafael appears. He has to re-shoot his whole series now. Caroline will help financially, if he'll help her find another way to get Rick back. Rafael advises her to act like herself - the woman he knew would never ask for help with a man or act desperate. He says not to try so hard; it doesn't suit her. Caroline joins the meeting in Rick's office. Thorne talks about setting the bar high when he was in charge, and Thomas says he wanted to innovate. Eric says they're not even close to their goal. If they can't move merchandise they'll make changes - including the presidency. Once alone, Caroline tells Rick the distraction of her jealousy is to blame. She vows to help him, and says they need to strike gold. Rick says if she can help him hold onto the presidency, he'd do anything.

Hope joins Liam and Wyatt in Malibu. She tells Liam she met with the wedding planner. Liam asks, "Already?" She says they're in a time crunch and goes on about choices. Liam tells her Steffy won't agree to an annulment, they have to wait for a divorce. Hope is angry and fed up. Wyatt offers to leave them alone. She tells him to stay - Liam's the one who is leaving. She orders Liam to take annulment papers to Paris and get Steffy to sign them. Either they get married soon, or not at all!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Rick and Maya disagree about Caroline's motives.

Liam responds to Hope's ultimatum.

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