At the jewelry warehouse, Quinn stops Wyatt from leaving. Wyatt tells Quinn she had no right to keep this from him. She says Bill wanted her to have an abortion - is that the kind of man he wants as a father? Wyatt doesn't know; he wasn't given the chance to decide. Quinn argues about Bill wanting Wyatt in his life. Quinn says he's her son; he has no right to know him. Wyatt hollers about his rights. He tells Bill he'll go with him. Quinn begs him not to, but Wyatt leaves with Bill, who tells Liam to meet them at the house. Quinn sobs.

At the restaurant, Hope and Brooke marvel over Wyatt being Bill's son. Hope explains how they set up Bill and Quinn's run-in. Brooke understands Quinn's hostility. "I don't blame her." Brooke thinks Hope should have gone to Quinn privately. Hope says she was closed off. Brooke wonders how Bill is doing. They discuss Katie. Brooke says things are worse; she shouldn't have confronted her. Hope muses that impulse control isn't her strong suit. Talk turns to Hope's wedding. Hope wants something different.

Donna arrives in Katie's office as she's wrapping up a meeting. Katie tells Donna she betrayed her too; obviously her loyalty was ultimately with Brooke. Donna insists she was worried about Katie, but apologizes for not coming to her. Katie acknowledges that Donna was in an impossible situation. "I don't know how Bill and Brooke could do this to me." She says no matter what she did, they should have seen each other as off limits. Donna says they believed the marriage was over. Katie says it still shouldn't have happened. Donna asks about Will. Katie says Bill hasn't arranged a visit. Donna gets a call from Brooke, who wants to tell Katie something. Donna puts her on speaker. Brooke explains that Bill has another son and is with him now.

Wyatt is impressed with the house in Malibu. Bill says he's bunking there - it's Liam's place. Wyatt's still in shock. Bill thinks they shouldn't be too judgmental of Quinn. He says he handled things wrong when he was a kid, but now family means everything to him. Bill says to call him Dad. Liam enters as they embrace.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Wyatt compare notes.

Katie's not prepared to let Brooke off the hook.

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