Nick is getting ready for Summer's graduation at the tackhouse. The paternity results are on the doorstep.

At Phyllis' penthouse, Summer tells her mother today is the most important day of her life. Phyllis realizes she's not referring to graduation and asks what she's plotting. She finds Summer's birth control pills. Phyllis warns Summer to choose someone who cares about her before she takes this step.

Noah's asleep with a half naked girl at his apartment. Sharon arrives, asking why he's not ready for his sister's graduation. Noah sees the girl out and explains to his mother that they had a party last night. Sharon's worried that he's drifting. Noah senses something's up with Sharon and asks what's going on. Sharon admits she's struggling. Noah gives her a pep talk.

Lauren fusses over Fenmore at home. He doesn't want to discuss his graduation or college; it will all fall apart in the end just like their family. Michael appears and tells him to stop it. He insists they put the negativity aside and celebrate this milestone. They embrace.

At Crimson Lights, Paul warns Carmine not to show up at Fen's graduation. Carmine says he doesn't care about Fen or his mom; he's moved on. He then texts Lauren to tell Fen congratulations from him.

Lauren gets Carmine's text at home and Fen asks who it was from. Lauren says it was business. Fen realizes she's lying and asks them. "What aren't you telling me?" Paul and Kevin arrive with pizza. Everyone talks about Gloria and Jeff being away. Fen gets a key chain from Paul, a gas card from Kevin, and a car from his parents. The adults talk enthusiastically about Fen's future, but Fen has no idea what he wants to do. He heads out to a party he was invited to. Paul and Kevin warn Lauren and Michael that they're going to lose Fen if their family continues to fall apart. In the corridor, Fen gets a text that he's a loser and is not really invited to the party. Later, Lauren and Michael prepare for counseling. He admits he still loves her.

Avery arrives at the tackhouse, followed by Phyllis and Summer. Nick tells Summer she's beautiful and hugs her. Photos are taken. Avery, Summer, and Faith go to the car. Phyllis knows something is wrong with Nick. He says it's just an emotional day. Outside, Summer sends a selfie to Kyle.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Kyle prepare for Summer's graduation. Jack says she's had a place in his heart since he delivered her, and wonders if she's finding a place in Kyle's heart too. Kyle admits he likes spending time with her. Jack begins cautioning him. Kyle tells him to relax; they're just hanging out. Kyle receives Summer's photo and texts her that she's adorable.

Jack and Kyle arrive at the tackhouse with flowers. Nick says Victor and Nikki are waiting at the Club. Jack declines to join them. He and Kyle leave, with Nick giving Kyle a glare for the road. Phyllis gives Summer a snowflake bracelet with her initials because she was born in the snow.

At the Club, Nikki mocks Victor for getting Summer so many gifts. She's surprised he hasn't disowned her for working at Jabot. Victor says it's a passing phase. Nick, Summer, Avery, Faith, and Phyllis arrive. Summer thanks her grandparents for the gifts as Sharon and Noah arrive. Sharon balks at joining them. Nick talks to Sharon. She says Cassie is smiling down on her sister today. Nick tells her she looks beautiful.

Sharon orders wine from Carmine at Boulevard. He does card tricks for her. They get talking about relationships and commiserate over how hard it is to let go.

At Crimson Lights, a goth girl, Raven, asks Fen to join the rest of the 'losers' tonight; they're getting high and hanging out. He accepts.

At the Abbott house, Jack leaves to find Phyllis to have dinner. Kyle takes a goofy selfie and sends it to Summer.

Summer receives Kyle's message at the Club and tries to hide it from Nick. Nick abruptly heads for the door. Summer follows. Nick tells her there is something he has to do and she cannot see Kyle tonight. Later, Victor and Nikki are alone. He gives her a present - a trip to Tuscany. Victor assures her he's fine with leaving Adam in charge so they can honeymoon.

Phyllis and Jack talk about Summer's graduation at the penthouse. Jack says she and Nick should be proud to have raised such a wonderful young woman.

Summer arrives at the Abbott house and kisses Kyle when he opens the door.

At the tackhouse, Nick opens the paternity test results and reads them.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby tells Tyler she's the answer to his prayers.

Alex tells Kevin there was another robbery. "You know anything about that?"

Phyllis tells Summer, "I know what you're planning tonight and it's a big mistake."

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