At Big Bear, Hope laughs about how she got lost there once. Liam seems downcast. She asks if it's too much being there with her; too soon? They return to the cabin. Liam admits he's feeling lost. She asks why. He says he's never not known what to say to her before. Hope tells him not to be careful with her. Liam talks about what his wife went through and that it's a crock that she's better off without him. He doesn't know what to say to Hope. "Let me go?" She says the things that kept them apart are gone now, but there's still something they can't seem to cross. They need time.

At Forrester, Brooke tells Katie she shouldn't tell Taylor about Steffy because she'll start meddling. Katie wryly notes that Brooke doesn't want her to tell Taylor, but she's fine with sending Hope off with Liam whether he's ready or not. Brooke complains that Liam needed to get out of the house for a while. Katie says she's always been in Hope's corner, but she relates to Steffy and feels her pain.

Outside at Forrester, Caroline hears Carter on the phone with someone. He admits he wants to be an actor, and talks about how he took up practicing law to pay the bills. She decides she'll go with him to meet his agent, Raphael.

At the audition, Raphael and Caroline seem to get off on the wrong foot, but they're joking - they've known each other for ages. Raphael talks about the love story Carter's auditioning for. The man casts Carter but still needs to find his love interest. Caroline tells Raphael she knows just the person.

At Rick's place, he tells Maya that Forrester is calling. She laughs that they want their big boss back and encourages him to call in. Rick talks to Pam who wants to know when he'll be in, whether to send lunch to the house, and if she can have the day off too. Rick tells her if Caroline asks, to say she doesn't know where he is, and hangs up. Maya wants Rick to feel fine about going to work. He teases, asking if she'll take up with Carter if he gets too busy. She mentions they have more in common that you'd think. They snack on almonds and strawberries from heaven, and Rick guesses that Maya is talking about Carter being an actor too. Maya doesn't want to discuss Carter. She says Rick has no reason to be jealous. Rick apologizes for asking too many questions - he's never been in love like this before.

Outside at Big Bear, Hope takes a call from Brooke. She tells her she may need to come home. Liam doesn't seem ready to be with her yet. Hope returns to the cabin where Liam's been thinking about Steffy. She says she wanted to roll back time, but they can never be at the beginning again. She's done trying to force 'happily ever after'. Liam kisses her.

Brooke hangs up from Hope in her office and tells Katie she was right.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Maya tells Rick she loves him.

Hope takes a photo of a mystery man.

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