At the dinner party, Eric's happy spending time with Bridget. Rick observes that it's like Brooke is trying to butter up Eric. Bridget mentions trying to get home more often. Brooke says she and Eric are hoping to have their family closer than ever. Bridget asks about Brooke's and Rick's love lives and then gets choked up over being together. Brooke looks pointedly at Eric and says family means everything to them. Once alone, Eric calls Brooke out on her agenda. She wanted him to remember what it was like. Eric says this is about Katie and Bill, not him. Brooke needs Eric to make this okay. Eric says she's having a Spencer baby and one day she'll want to tell Bill. Brooke tells Eric that Taylor will hurt him. Eric says he'll be a friend to her child, but not his father. He stresses that he's happy and loved with Taylor. Brooke says nothing compares to what they shared. Eric thinks she feels that passion for Bill. Brooke says he's wrong and kisses him.

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor talks to Thomas about Steffy wanting to get pregnant again. Taylor says the pregnancy was unplanned, but Steffy and Liam had both begun to look forward to having a family. Talk turns to missing Stephanie, and how Stephanie used to have to deal with Brooke. Taylor says, "Thank God Eric outgrew that relationship a long time ago." Thomas thinks Eric is great; the kind of man who'd do anything for the people he cares about. Taylor agrees. She hasn't been this happy in years.

In Bill's office, he talks to Alison about needing to scare Maya away from Rick. He muses that if the D.A. sees the photos of her and Jesse it will be back to the slammer. If Maya doesn't end it with Rick, he'll send her back.

Carter arrives at Maya's place with coffee. She tells him Rick's been trying to dump Caroline to no avail. Carter asks about the tension he walked in on between her and Bill. She says Caroline's uncle was warning her away from Rick. Carter says he has no right. Maya agrees. She mentions running into someone she used to know at the nightclub, but doesn't elaborate. Later, Alison arrives and asks Maya if the name Jesse Graves means anything to her. Maya threatens to call the police. Alison produces the photo of her and Jesse. "It's a violation of your release...It could land you back in jail if you keep seeing Rick Forrester." Maya realizes she works for Bill, who is blackmailing her. Rick knocks.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor remains unaware of Brooke's agenda.

Brooke's proposition might be one Eric cannot refuse.

Steffy warns Hope away from Liam.

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