At home, Bill tells Brooke that Katie and the baby are sleeping - Katie spends most of her time in the nursery. They go back to discussing Taylor using Eric. Bill doesn't want Taylor having influence at Forrester - he wants Brooke running the company. Bill shows her proof - when you search 'Forrester Creations' online, Brooke's Bedroom comes up. He wants her to revamp the bedroom line. She's aghast his suggestion she would model it. Bill tells her to let him be the judge. She unties her wraparound dress and shows him her lingerie. He says she looks amazing...and she knows it. Bill outlines how Brooke and her line will be on top again. They discuss Katie. Bill says she's been unavailable. Brooke tells him to be patient. Bill says Katie's changed; she's different - he doesn't think she finds much to love about him anymore. Brooke says there's plenty to love about him. Bill talks about the feelings he had for Brooke in Aspen - he can't get it out of his mind. They embrace. A tear falls down Brooke's cheek.

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy tells Taylor she's happy for her. They talk about how amazing it is - the way it's all turned out. Steffy wants Hope to find someone too. Taylor embraces Steffy - she wishes nothing but happiness for her and Liam.

Liam meets Hope at Forrester. She asks how Steffy and the pregnancy are doing. He jokes about cravings and asks if Hope's okay. She says she's not happy, but she's good. Hope tells Liam she wants him to marry Steffy before the baby's born. He wonders why she'd ask that. Hope says it's what's right. Liam says it's not her responsibility. Hope says it will be if he doesn't marry her - because there's only one reason he wouldn't... "Promise me you'll marry Steffy before the baby comes." Liam agrees - he'll do what she asks. He adds, "But Hope..." He hugs her.

Rick chats with Maya at Dayzee's. She has a job she could use some help with. "It's going to take some stamina." Rick won't guess - he might get himself into trouble. Maya laughs that it's legit - she might even pay him. He follows her out.

At Maya's room, she tells Rick she bets he has the same dream she has - to live in a nice mansion someday. Rick smiles and asks what this job is that requires stamina. He carries some boxes for her. He has a hunch she's a strong person. She has a hunch there's a lot he's not showing the world. Rick says she's talented, beautiful, and spirited - a good combination for success. She tries to pay him $10 - he needs the money. Rick refuses it, but kisses her cheek softly instead.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie turns down an opportunity for sexy time with Bill, instead opting to see to Will.

Hope turns her focus to relaunching her line.

Katie tells Bill to go ahead and help Brooke.

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