Hope announces to Steffy in Liam's living room that she won't let her trap him. Steffy wonders what happened to giving Liam space to figure things out? Hope tells Liam they can still make it official. She then questions why Steffy kept quiet about the pregnancy. She acknowledges that they are bonded for life over the pregnancy, but tells Liam they can't let it come between them. Steffy reminds Hope that when she got pregnant, she was not even in the picture. They bicker about birth control and the truth coming out. Liam asks to speak to Hope alone. Steffy tells him she didn't want it to play out like this. He knows. Once alone, Hope wants Liam to see this is just like the gondola - when Steffy smiles at him he can't see the truth. Hope thinks he was ready to recommit to her outside until Steffy arrived with her noble story and golden ticket. Liam protests, but she cuts him off. She disagrees that Steffy's changed. She says even if she's wrong and Steffy has good intentions, he can still be a father to the baby while they're together.

In the bedroom, Taylor and Brooke bicker. Taylor says Hope wouldn't think it's wrong to interfere with someone else's family - she learned everything she knows from Brooke. Steffy enters as Brooke is declaring an unhappy marriage isn't good for a child. Steffy challenges her; who says it would be unhappy? Brooke wonders why Liam wanted to talk to Hope alone. Brooke tells Steffy that deep down she knows Liam wants to be with Hope - he'll be there for her and the baby, with Hope by his side. Taylor remarks that rather than 'destined' to be, Hope and Liam seem to be a bad match; unable to get it together. Brooke believes Liam wants to be with Hope.

At Dayzee's, Caroline continues to whine at Rick about volunteering. Rick knows it's not what she had in mind, but asks her to change. She steps in chili and informs him she won't do this right now. Rick insists he'll make it up to her and implores her to volunteer and feed the people. Caroline goes on about her outfit, shoes, and hair, and then leaves. Maya arrives. Rick serves her coffee. Anthony introduces himself. Maya says she's a friend of Dayzee's. He invites her to get up and sing with him. Rick seems mesmerized by her. After, he tells her it was incredible and introduces himself.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke thinks Taylor is using Eric.

Bill is thrilled to learn of the pregnancy.

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