Outside Liam's house, Liam and Steffy look at one another. Hope asks what she said. Steffy tells her, "I'm pregnant." Brooke scoffs, but Taylor says they just came from the ultrasound. Liam and Steffy decide to talk alone.

Rick and Eric look at a model wearing a suit from the Forrester men's line at the office. Eric acts underwhelmed. Rick sends the model out. Eric assures him he liked it. Rick asks what the problem is then - he senses it has to do with Steffy and asks what she's stirring up this time. Eric doesn't answer and says he realizes that Rick doesn't like Thomas as vice-president but that's the way it's going to be. Rick persists but gets called away. Eric recalls kissing Taylor. Rick returns. Eric tells him he signed him up to do community service at Dayzee's today. Rick agrees it's important for an executive to do. Caroline appears, ready for sushi and a walk on the beach. Eric leaves. Caroline goes on about sushi on the shore. Rick tells her he had something else in mind - a surprise.

Inside Liam's bedroom, Brooke and Taylor go head-to-head over the surprise wedding and pregnancy news. Hope says if Steffy's manipulating, Liam won't stand for it. Taylor tells them Steffy didn't get pregnant on purpose. They continue to bicker. Taylor says this child changes everything. Hope says it doesn't mean Liam has to marry Steffy. Taylor tells them how Steffy saw Liam with Hope after she find out, and kept quiet so as not to influence his decision. Hope wants to go join Liam and Steffy, but Taylor tells her their plans don't include her.

In his living area, Steffy tells Liam how she came to find out she was pregnant and came to tell him, but saw him with Hope. She says that when she returned from Paris, he asked her to move out before she could share her news. Steffy says today came down to two choices - let Brooke strongarm him into marrying Hope, or tell him about the baby. She explains why she didn't tell him before. "I needed to know you wanted me for me." She assures him as much as she loves the baby, it wasn't her intention to become pregnant. Liam says there's a lot going on and they have decisions to make. "What do we do now?" She says they have time. Liam observes that the baby was conceived in love. He asks about the sonogram. She shows him the picture. Steffy tells him there is no pressure - she's committed to the baby and hopes he is too. If he goes through with the elopement he will break her heart, but she will survive. They'll be great parents; the question is will they do it together? Hope appears and says she won't let this happen again. She says Liam's name until he turns to look at her.

Rick and Caroline arrive at Dayzee's and he tells her she'll need an apron - they're volunteering. Caroline says they had plans. Rick tells her they're staying. Caroline insists, "No Rick we're leaving."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy and Hope argue.

Taylor tells Brooke off.

Rick's evening improves.

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