At Forrester, Thomas tells Taylor that going to Paris is what he needs to do. Brooke enters. She thinks Paris will be good for him. Taylor accuses Brooke of wanting Thomas out of the company. Brooke counters that Rick went away and it matured him. Thomas exits, leaving Brooke and Taylor to argue. Taylor feels Thomas shouldn't have to leave. Brooke thinks this is about more than Thomas and suggests Taylor work through her issues - she's not responsible for her unhappiness. Taylor asks Brooke what the hell is the matter with her - she's never cared about anything but herself, her success, and her family. Taylor warns Brooke that her games are over!

Marcus spots Dayzee outside the fruit market. He asks where she parked and she acts flustered. Maya appears across the way. Dayzee gets rid of Marcus. Maya joins Dayzee and asks if she's found her little girl. Dayzee reminds her she signed adoption papers. Maya says Dayzee pushed her to do it. They bicker. Maya wants to know what the family said when Dayzee contacted them. Dayzee show her a photo of the little girl and her adoptive parents years ago. She hasn't been in contact since. Maya rants. Dayzee tells her she needs to realize this isn't going to happen. Maya says, "You did this Dayzee. Now you need to make it right." Dayzee tries to talk sense to Maya, but she swears she won't give in, and won't go away.

Pam helps Eric find his paperwork in his office. He asks, "Is there anything you can't find?" She quips, "A man that will stay with me forever." She says until that time comes, she will be there for Eric. She tells Eric, "Beware of widows bearing casseroles," and mentions Donna and the honey. Eric chuckles that it was funny. Pam says he needs a woman of substance. He appreciates her concern.

Marcus meets Thomas at the Forrester gym. Thomas tells him he's leaving for Paris today. Marcus thinks he'll love it over there. He asks when Thomas will come back. Thomas says when he's not an outsider anymore. Marcus goes back inside and Pam says he has a visitor.

Eric joins Taylor and Brooke in the office. Brooke reiterates that Thomas could get valuable experience in Paris. She goes. Taylor argues to Eric that Thomas doesn't want to go. She's upset that the Logans will win and feel demoralized and defeated. Eric sends out a memo to all departments saying Thomas will no longer be co-head designer, he is now Vice-President. He hopes it's enough to keep him there. Taylor kisses him.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Marcus is pleased to introduce his adoptive brother to Dayzee and his family.

Steffy opens up to a stranger on the way back from Paris.

Brooke and Taylor go head-to-head over their daughters' situation with Liam.

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