At home, Hope tells Brooke she has a bad feeling about her and Bill - she needs the truth. By Brooke's response, Hope realizes she is emotionally invested. She asks how far it has gone. Brooke explains that Katie pushed them together when she was depressed. "She went to great lengths to make it happen." Brooke goes on to explain that Bill was there for her after Stephanie died at the cabin. Hope is stunned to hear that they kissed. Brooke says she has no intention of interfering in Katie's marriage. Hope is skeptical - she and Bill seem to have an attraction; it's a dangerous game. Brooke insists Katie and Bill are fine - everything's fine. She swears neither of them would hurt Katie.

At Bill's, Justin asks what's on his mind - he's distracted. Bill mentions Brooke. He talks about how Katie asked for a divorce when she took off and left him and Will in Brooke's care. He recounts what happened in Aspen and how he later supported Brooke at the cabin after Stephanie died. Bill tells Justin about the kiss. Justin wonders where it stands. Bill says he wouldn't be the man he is today without Katie, but there's also Brooke - she accepts him for who he is - his faults and controlling nature. Justin asks if he's ever wondered if he married the wrong Logan sister.

At Forrester, Rick tells Thomas his ideas aren't what he wanted. They bicker. Rick tells him he really should go to Paris.

In the Forrester Creations hallway, Donna and Pam bicker about lemon bars. Taylor appears and Eric invites her into his office. Still in the hall, Donna and Pam listen to Thomas and Rick arguing and speculate on whether Taylor is making a play for Eric. Meanwhile, Eric and Taylor discuss Hope and Brooke. Taylor says Brooke is the standard-bearer who sets the example for her daughter. Eric says she's loyal. Taylor doesn't think she is - even when it comes to her own family. Taylor complains that her family has been marginalized and hurt by the Logans repeatedly. She says Thomas needs a man in his corner. Donna and Pam enter to tell them about the argument in Rick's office. Eric and Taylor head in. Thomas tells Eric he feels he has no position in this company. Eric orders Rick to respect Thomas' opinion and involve him in everything he does.

Back in Eric's office, Taylor thanks him. Eric says he's admired her for a very long time. They discuss facing challenges. Eric says her visit last night helped him see that he might survive losing Stephanie. They vow to support each other.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor is upset over Thomas' decision to leave.

Maya and Marcus nearly meet.

Pam lets Eric know she has romantic feelings for him.

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