In Paris, Steffy holds her tummy and thinks. She arranges to meet Ridge for breakfast.

At the Malibu house, Hope comments that it's strange that Steffy knows they're spending time together. She suggests they take advantage of the situation before she returns. Liam admits he'd like to make love to her all night long, but he can't do that. He says he has to sort everything out. Hope laughs that they should pack up Steffy's things and take them to her loft. She suggests he ask Steffy to move out when she returns. Hope talks about him choosing her and making it to the altar again. She grosses Liam out by joking about what happens to any man who becomes Brooke Logan's son-in-law. Steffy video calls. Hope listens as she says she loves him and will be home soon. When she learns he's not alone, she disconnects. Hope kisses Liam and urges him to put Steffy out.

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Eric examine Stephanie's portrait and muse about how weird it was that it fell. Taylor tells Eric it just hurt that she died in Brooke's arms - of all people. Eric understands. Taylor complains about the engagement ring. She cries about what happened to Thomas and her best friend dying. Eric talks about how quiet it's been since Stephanie died. He wonders about selling the house. Eric says he was angry with Stephanie too, and angry that he wasn't there. Taylor says that wasn't part of Stephanie's plan. Taylor laments that Thomas is going to Paris and admits something's happened with Steffy. She tells Eric about the pregnancy. Eric promises to keep mum. Taylor wants her to come back before something happens with Hope. "Another Logan coming after my family." Eric promises Taylor that she and her children will be safe as long as he's around. They embrace.

At Katie's house, she and Brooke discuss Katie leaving the cabin. Katie thanks her for calming Bill down so that he came home. As they're talking, Bill appears. Brooke tells them that they will be just fine. Brooke remarks that she's having Hope pick her up - she didn't drive over because she had wine at home. Katie goes to see Will, and Brooke apologizes to Bill for bringing up drinking. Bill reassures her that he and Katie will be okay. Hope enters, unseen, as Brooke tells Bill how amazing he is. Brooke spots her and they leave. Outside, Hope asks her mother if something is going on between her and Bill. "You wouldn't..." Brooke gives her a strange look. Hope gasps. "No."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill tells Justin about his mixed up feelings.

Donna and Pam have their eyes on Taylor.

Rick makes it a point to irk Thomas.

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