At Forrester, Taylor and Thomas talk about how he deserves more. Thomas feels it isn't going to happen there and says he's going to Paris. He adds that he may not come back. They wonder why Stephanie set them up to be blindsided. Taylor remarks that she lost her mind and fell in love with Brooke too. Taylor and Thomas say they'll miss each other. She asks him to talk to Steffy while he's there and says she loves and supports him unconditionally. They embrace.

Dayzee and Marcus enjoy champagne and caviar in bed. Dayzee still can't believe sometimes that she's a Forrester. He asks if the lifestyle bothers her sometimes. She says she loves everything about it and wonders if it makes her shallow. He says she couldn't be shallow if she tried. Dayzee remarks that it all happened because Stephanie lost a scarf - sometimes she's afraid to look back. She flashes to Maya. Marcus asks if she's okay and tells her how great she is. "I definitely hit the jackpot." They talk about Marcus' adoptive family. He says they were great and he will always be grateful for them. Dayzee says, "That's what I thought." She thinks back to Maya's agonizing decision to give up her daughter. Marcus returns with a refill and she kisses him passionately.

Donna finds Eric gazing at Stephanie's portrait at home. She tells him she's there to catch him if he falls. He thanks her for stopping by. Donna has takeout and heads to the kitchen to unpack. Pam enters - also with food. Pam tells Eric he's not alone. He replies, "Speaking of that..." Donna appears holding a honey bottle and calling Eric 'Honeybear'. Eric says this is just what he needed - the two of them there. Pam wonders if he's thought of getting a dog. Something is burning. Pam can't believe Donna's burning takeout and heads to the kitchen. She returns to find Eric fondling Donna's curls and says it's too bad she can't stay. Donna says she's actually free. Taylor appears - she needs to talk to Eric alone. Donna and Pam file out. Taylor rants to Eric that because of Stephanie and her loophole, her son might be gone for good! Eric says Thomas should have come to him - they're family. Taylor says family actually means, 'we bow to Brooke'. She marvels at Stephanie calling for Brooke on her deathbed - she thinks Stephanie wanted to die with Brooke because she was more like her than anyone realized - it was a narcissist's dream; dying in her own arms. She hollers and Stephanie's portrait falls down. Taylor looks spooked.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric must referee between Thomas and Rick.

Hope makes her move.

Dayzee's in an uncomfortable spot concerning Maya.

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