At Brooke's house, she and Taylor bicker about Hope being at Liam's house. Taylor warns that she'd better find a way to stop Hope - or she will! Taylor is tired of being disrespected by Brooke and her family. She says Thomas is so upset over Forrester he wants to move to Paris. Brooke denies it's her family's fault. Taylor says they have a huge sense of entitlement. She complains that Stephanie even robbed her by having Brooke there on her deathbed. Brooke says she was her best friend too. Taylor asks what it was like when she passed away. Brooke says it was beautiful - nothing but forgiveness and love. Taylor doesn't get why Stephanie chose Brooke. Brooke says she was making a point - to get past their grudges - it's what she wanted for them. Brooke is sorry Taylor feels frustrated. Taylor warns Brooke she won't allow her children to be sabotaged - or Katie. She tells Brooke things will be different with Stephanie gone - she'll find a way to stop her.

At the cafe, Dayzee explains to Hope that Maya was wrongly-convicted and her family wouldn't look after her daughter when she had to go to prison. Hope asks what Dayzee did for her. Dayzee says she used to set up adoptions. Marcus appears and wonders what they're talking about. Dayzee isn't forthcoming. After, Dayzee tells Hope that Marcus doesn't know - she wants to keep the past in the past. Dayzee has four missed calls from Maya. She sighs - Maya gave up her rights - she signed the papers. She calls Maya to meet the next day. Hope asks if she'll help get Maya's daughter back. Dayzee isn't in favor of taking the child out of the home she's grown to know, and doesn't want to get involved. Hope suggests she tell Marcus. Dayzee says no - she's not looking back.

Bill finds Katie in the bedroom sporting lingerie and wishing she hadn't left the cabin. Bill asks if her father drank. She says no, but he wasn't around, and it feels the same when Bill drinks. Katie apologizes for being a drag and they kiss. Bill says she's been running a tight ship lately. He appreciates her wanting to raise them to another level, but not her walking out again. Bill reminds her she promised to accept him for who he is when she married him. Katie says she wants what's best for Will. She's excited about their future...and tonight. They make out. Bill seems thoughtful.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor learns that Thomas is ready to begin again.

Pam and Donna both want attention from Eric.

Taylor weighs in on Eric's choices.

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