At the cabin, Brooke stops Bill from caressing her face. She reminds him Katie is counting on him, and so is his child. Brooke states that her relationship with her sister is sacred. She arranged this night for them and Bill couldn't come through for her. Bill says Katie's overreacting. Brooke agrees to help him with Katie. She suggests he go home to kiss and make-up. "Giddy-up, Stallion. Ride on home to your wife." Bill gives her a look and then leaves.

Liam and Hope are cuddling on the couch at the Malibu house. Hope says they were robbed of nights like this. Hope goes to the kitchen. Taylor arrives. She confronts Liam about thinking he can do whatever he pleases because he and Steffy aren't married and she's out of town. Hope appears. She says Steffy would have come over if the situation was reversed. Taylor says the situation's changed. Taylor and Hope argue endlessly. Taylor understands that they were victims, but says that doesn't change the bond that Steffy and Liam have now. Taylor tells Hope she doesn't want to be like her mother - tearing apart relationships. She warns that if she tries to come between Steffy and Liam, she'll get hurt - bowing out gracefully is what's best. Taylor goes, and Liam thinks about Steffy. Hope complains about people bothering them. She asks if Liam felt like Taylor was holding something back. They decide Taylor's issues with Brooke don't affect them.

Brooke enters her house. Taylor's there. She asks Brooke if she was spying on Bill and Katie and wonders if she set up their night out of guilt. Brooke reiterates she wouldn't hurt Katie. Taylor complains that Hope was at Liam's house. They argue over whether Hope will be disappointed. Taylor thinks Hope has Brooke's blessing to make a move. She almost blurts that Steffy's pregnant before informing Brooke that Hope is not going to do to Steffy what she did to her. "It ends now!"

At the cafe, Dayzee is confronted by Maya, a girl from the homeless shelter. "I want my little girl!" She wants to know where her child is. Maya was in prison and is worried her daughter won't remember her. Dayzee recalls how desperate Maya was. Maya tells Dayzee she was an angel that came to her rescue. She implores Dayzee to tell her where her little girl is so she can go to her. Dayzee reminds her she legally gave her baby up. Maya insists that Dayzee do something or she'll be back. Hope appears and asks Dayzee if she's okay.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Katie wants to make-up with Bill and discuss the rift between them.

Dayzee confides in Hope about her past with Maya.

Taylor ponders why Stephanie wanted Brooke with her when she passed away.

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