Brooke prepares the cabin for Bill and Katie's romantic evening. When they arrive she tells them to focus on each other and leaves. Katie tells Bill they could have done this at home. He says it wouldn't be the same and moves in close. Katie goes to the kitchen and Bill downs a drink. Katie returns, kisses him, and confronts him. Bill protests he had just one drink. Katie walks out.

At the Malibu house, Liam tells Hope he spoke to Steffy, who thinks they deserve this time together. Hope tells Liam there's nothing tying him to Steffy anymore. Liam cautions that he doesn't know where they're going with this. Hope just wants him to be there with her. They kiss.

Taylor arrives at Brooke's place and they get into it about Brooke's interference in Katie and Bill's relationship. Taylor then says she's actually there about Hope, who thinks it's time to move in on Liam because Steffy's away. Taylor tells Brooke things are different between Liam and Steffy now. She warns Brooke she won't allow Hope to destroy Steffy's relationship.

Marcus and Dayzee discuss Rosie at the cafe. Marcus watches Dayzee work and marvels at how great she is with people. Dayzee mentions Stephanie and how she never imagined having the resources to do all of this. Marcus says she's keeping Stephanie's legacy alive. Later, a young woman enters and confronts Dayzee. "Where's my baby?"

In Paris, Steffy searches how much tea is safe to drink while pregnant. Taylor appears on video call and asks if she's told Ridge or Liam about the pregnancy. Steffy says no. She adds that she doesn't want Liam to stay with her out of guilt. Steffy asks Taylor if she ever wondered if Dad would have gone to Brooke sooner if it hadn't been for her and Thomas. She says she's demanding more from her life - she doesn't want Liam to stay with her out of duty. Taylor protests. Steffy hangs up.

Brooke comes to the cabin after seeing Katie in her car. Bill says, "She left." He complains he had one small drink and rants. Brooke says if he doesn't have a problem it should be easy to lay off alcohol for a while. Bill asks what's next - he drives too fast and has to get rid of the Ferrari? Brooke says Katie wants him to be the best he can be. Bill points out that Katie walked out on them. He wonders why they can't just relax and be a family. "Like it was when we were..." Bill moves in close and touches Brooke's hair.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke is unhappy with Bill.

Taylor's arrival curtails Liam and Hope's evening together.

Taylor informs Brooke that she won't let Hope bully Steffy.

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