At Forrester, Rick tells Hope he set up the press conference quickly because he owed her. Jarrett chats with Pam and Donna. Rick greets Thomas, who is still bitter. Dayzee and Marcus are there. Rick introduces Hope. She congratulates Rick on becoming president before announcing that the scandal surrounding Hope For The Future is over and they're back! She talks about her line until a reporter asks Thomas about Rick being president. Thomas answers professionally. Jarrett asks Hope about Liam. The press conference is cut short.

Bill arrives at Liam's house to find him watching Hope's press conference. Bill realizes Liam's seen Hope since Steffy left and voices his opinion. Liam says Bill will just have to trust him - he has no choice.

Steffy watches Hope's press conference in Paris and puts her hand on her tummy. She video calls Liam. She says she knows Hope has been there and has made her case. She agrees they were lied to and kept apart by deceit - but also by his feelings for her and the complications Hope brought to the relationship. Steffy tells him they share something he doesn't with Hope. She doesn't like the idea of Hope coming to their house, but tells him to have his time with her, just not to cross any lines. Liam tells her not to get worked up about it. She says, "We share something very special. I love you." After, Steffy reminisces.

At Katie's house, Brooke tells Katie that Bill may drink because he's not being accepted for who he is. Katie's reminds her what he did to Hope. Brooke says it made Hope stronger. She thinks Bill is a fine man that needs to be forgiven and accepted the way he is. Katie notes how well Brooke knows her husband and regrets pushing them together. Brooke advises her to back off on the demands with Bill and spend more time in the bedroom. Katie admits they haven't had sex since she returned. Brooke's appalled - she prescribes a night in the cabin. As she's telling Katie exactly what Bill needs, he appears. Brooke says she'll make arrangements for their romantic night. Bill agrees - they need this.

Hope arrives at Liam's house feeling empowered from the press conference. She tells Liam it's their moment and goes on about needing to take back what was stolen from them. Liam says it's not that simple. She says this isn't about Steffy - they're not married or engaged. Hope wants to see what they have, and when Steffy returns, he can decide. Hope refuses to let it go.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill discovers his drinking is a real issue.

A woman from Dayzee's past confronts her.

Brooke finds out why Taylor resents the Logans.

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